NASA Electric Plane ‘Goes Tesla’; Will Apple Respond?

NASA Electric Plane ‘Goes Tesla; Will Apple Respond? Clapway

Sometimes the experts and intellectual brain trusts don’t have the answers. This is the case for NASA. A new NASA and Tesla inspired electric plane design that is actually effective in the air was outsourced. Interestingly, a humble Georgia Tech student answered the space agency’s call. Creating a fuel-cell plane that rivals any popular small aircraft on the market. The NASA competition for students did have specific requirements. It’s like the actuality of having the competition winning plane design built within five years. Well, Tom Neuman, formerly an aerospace engineering student at Georgia Tech could see his electric design fly very soon. What does Apple have to cook in their secret German lab?

NASA and Tesla Combined into One Design

Tom Neuman was a graduate student of aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech when NASA opened the competition in 2014. Neuman naturally jumped on the opportunity. He was no stranger to entering such electric competitions. When he was 17 years young, he worked on a different electric plane design. This was a time when Tesla rolled out their first roadster. And the electric revolution was a small spark. This new NASA and Tesla combination of electric propulsion relies on fuel cells. It also boasts an unorthodox engine placement to boost the plane’s efficiency.

Electric Possibilities in Five Years?

The NASA competition had a very specific requirement. Any electric plane design up for consideration must be buildable and flight worthy within five years time. This made a big impact on any design feature that could cause manufacturing issues down the runway. NASA hopes to have their new Tesla inspired electric plane in the air by 2020. Other requirements included that the plane is a four-seater. It had a range of 800 nautical miles. And a cruising speed of 175 knots. This design would be no easy feat to accomplish. However, NASA achieved its mission and will continue to develop this new plane design.

Apple-Tesla Type Car Takes Flight

The Area 51 of Apple is located in Berlin, Germany. It has roughly 20 employees. And no one really knows what these Apple tech-heads are up to in there. Rumors have circulated that they are working in conjunction with the Apple electric car team. But could the Area 51 of Apple be up to something air-craftier? The secret German lab called Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is like a CIA operation. Only a few need-to-know people are in the loop. Maybe Apple teamed up with Tesla in order to make a fuel-cell plane that would shoot NASA’s model down. Could small effective and efficient electrified planes be next in the sky?