UFO Crashed Two Jets at North Carolina; will Government comment?

UFO Crashed Two Jets at North Carolina; will Government comment? Two Jets Shot UFO in Las Vegas; NASA is Silent Clapway

The U.S Coast Guard responded off the North Carolina coast late Thursday morning after reports of a mysterious in-air mishap between two jets. A similar “mishap” occurred in Las Vegas the other day involving a potential UFO. If this is some form of alien rebuttal, the government is doing a good job keeping quiet about it.


According to the Navy, two jet F/A-18F Super Hornet jets were flying 24 nautical miles off the coast of North Carolina when the alleged incident occurred. The initial report stated that the two jets collided but the Coast Guard later changed their statement saying it was an “in-air mishap”. If that seems confusing that’s because it is. All four pilots were rescued and transported to Sentara Norfolk General hospital, however, they weren’t available to comment on the incident. What could an “in-air mishap” possibly be? Were UFO’s involved? North Korea? ISIS? The world needs answers, but knowing the government, our pleas will only be met with silence.


With this incident, like the majority of strange incidents, the government will continue to undermine our intelligence. Even if this mishap didn’t involve UFO’s, the American people have a right to know. The government thinks they are helping us out by keeping us in the dark, but it’s only causing more frustration. Yes, there are plenty out there who simply can not handle such information, but why should many suffer for the stupidity of a few? It may seem like Americans live a life too comfortable to rebel, but if the lies keep up it’s only a matter of time before they demand answers in a violent fashion.


Just a couple of days ago, a shocking video was released in the skies about Las Vegas. Two military jets were caught on film pursuing a mysterious UFO. They either shot down the UFO or it got away but either way, it was just another incident left unexplained by the government. Now, just days later, two more jets were involved in a strange incident. Not to make any generalizing claims here but it’s easy to see why some alien hunters would be suspicious. Of course, all this conspiracy could be put to rest with a few answers, but that’s unlikely.