Xbox TV to Destroy Playstation TV; what about Apple TV?

Xbox TV to Destroy Playstation TV; what about Apple TV? Intelligent Xbox One Controller to Out-Compete PS4? Clapway

If rumors are true Microsoft may be announcing Xbox TV at the upcoming E3. Seeing how Playstation TV does not have a bright future in the US or Europe, it won’t get in the way of Microsoft’s new toy, yet Apple TV might pose a tough challenge.


Microsoft will be busy at the upcoming  E3. Aside from a Chromecast-like media stick, the company plans to release a Roku-like Xbox TV that will stream games and also some basic apps from the Windows Store. This is hardly revolutionary, though. The Xbox app on Windows 10 device has always had the ability for game streaming, so it’s a bit confusing what Microsoft is going for here. Media streamers like this are fairly common these days and it’s not like Microsoft made this  device compete with the failed Playstation TV in the states.


Since PlayStation TV production slammed to a halt in February, Sony has not made plans to bring it back to the US and Europe. The Asian market, however, is seeing success with the Playstation TV which might help keep the device afloat. It was no fault of the Playstation TV that it met an early demise in the US and Europe. As was previously stated, similar media devices are just too common. Even the Xbox TV will be rather boring. It doesn’t seem that Xbox TV is designed to compete against PS TV, Chromecast or the wealth of other devices. Therp purpose mainly seems to supply Microsoft users with their own brand of content. Apple TV, on the other hand, will remain unaffected.


It’s not really fair to compare Microsoft’s streaming product with that of Apple TV. After all, the two operate in different realms. If anyone is going to take down Apple TV it’s going to be Google. However, it seems even they can not do that. Google has just given up on the fight, discontinuing the Nexus Player. This doesn’t necessarily mean Android TV is dead, but Google is going back to the shop for some serious reconstruction. Meanwhile, Apple TV is sitting comfortably at the top after a rocky introduction to the world just a few years prior.