Minecraft: Creeper Dimention to Destroy Disney Alice Through The Looking Glass

Minecraft: Creeper Dimention to Destroy Disney Alice Through The Looking Glass Clapway

Tim Burton will probably do just fine destroying Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass on his own but if he can’t do it, Minecraft will pick up the slack. Sadly enough, all it takes are a couple of strange games to make something more entertaining than Burton’s sad, debauchery of a classic.


Negative effects aside, drugs are known to ignite wild creativity in the artistically inclined. Miles Davis, Andy Warhol, and Martin Scorsese are all prime examples of this. A lesser-known but equally successful display of drug creativity comes in the form of Minecraft: Creeper Dimension Challenge. Feel free to watch it and try to draw some kind of logical conclusion. Conclusions don’t matter in Minecraft per say, it’s all about the journey. Whoever is behind Minecraft: Creeper Dimension uses the creative powers of drugs to their full potential and it’s utterly brilliant. No billion dollar budget needed or a washed-up Johnny Depp. Just some good LSD, a sense of humor and an open mind will do the rest. That, Tim Burton, is how good entertainment is made.


Unlike the aforementioned Minecraft heroes, Tim Burton is a prime example of when drugs go bad. The man continues to spit out artistic films that no one wants to see. It would be one thing if they were well received but even Tim can’t accomplish that. Disney’s Alice Through the Looking-Glass is the sequel no one wanted from the remake no one cared about. What was wrong with Alice before? Her last Disney movie was near perfection. Why Tim Burton? Why? If he is the creative genius he thinks he is, why create an over psychedelic take on something that was fine already? Sorry for all the questions, but we need answers if there’s going to be any hope for Alice.


That’s how much Disney Alice Through the Look Glass has cost. Even if it goes on to profit, it’s cultural significance will be nothing more than a faint blip in the distance. Disney should be ashamed. After bringing back Star Wars to such glorious heights, they should have never tainted this legendary tale. There is hardly anything positive surrounding the film so the best we a can all hope for is that it dies a quick death and remains buried in the graveyard of forgotten Hollywood tragedies.