Minecraft Trapped in Painting to Destroy Minecraft Pink Sheep

Minecraft Trapped in Painting to Destroy Minecraft Pink Sheep Clapway

The world of Minecraft is steadily growing. Especially since Microsoft has finally partnered with a company that would give them access to the Chinese market. That means there are a lot of Minecraft enthusiasts out there to gain attention from. There are plenty of YouTube videos with some sort of Minecraft theme. And the war for subscribers and views is heating up on the platform. If you were a gamer, why not fuel your habit with a little YouTube click skrilla. Pink Sheep is one of the original gangsters of the YouTube hustle. But there are new homies on the block looking to take his corner.

YouTube Trapped in Painting

A recent YouTube video published by PopularMMOs may be making a move to destroy Pink Sheep. Their newest video is about being trapped in a painting and needing to find their way out of them. The video has nearly 8 million views. And so the channel is also close to 8 million subscribers. The Minecraft inspired video is good, but it may appeal to a certain fanbase. The average player or someone who does not play may not find it so entertaining. But being trapped inside colorful paintings is a cool concept for gamers.

Pink Sheep Meets Sponge Bob

Pink Sheep is a Minecraft character and YouTube sensation. His swagger, pink gear, and mustache are very entertaining. Pink Sheep may have mass gangster appeal. But his last video didn’t do so hot against PopularMMOs recent video. Pink Sheep went to meet Sponge Bob and only found roughly 340,000 views. However, the Pink Sheep YouTube channel is gaining steam at nearly half a million subscribers. Will he soon be destroyed by other Minecraft gamers? Or can he make a come back with his original rude boy stance and Ron Burgundy mustache?

Minecraft Swagger

The increase in novelty Minecraft characters on YouTube has led to some very interesting creations and competitions. Pink Sheep is a fan favorite. His attempt at taking over the game has been hilarious. Cat Mermaid is another fun character. And the variety of competitions and build challenges shown on YouTube are entertaining to both gamers and non-gamers alike. Will Pink Sheep fans rally behind his gangster profile and keep him from being destroyed by the wanksters and pranksters out there?