NASA Confirmed ‘Aliens’ Saved Earth from Meteorite

NASA Confirmed Aliens Saved Earth from Meteorite Clapway

The rise in meteor and asteroid doomsday scenarios lately may have you a bit worried. In fact, there are several near-Earth asteroids within the grasp of our orbit. But us Earthlings may have unlikely friends in the fight to save Earth. It isn’t Russia or China. Definitely not Trump. It is aliens that have taken up arms to help us survive. This may seem like a big steamy pile of s@#t. But a recent YouTube video posted by MLordandGod discusses the odd possibility that aliens are in fact protecting Earth. This could put NASA in a bind. Or NASA may be working with aliens to keep us safe.

Aliens Are Our Friends

Recent footage shown by MLordandGod on YouTube discusses what looks like a meteor exploding over Maine. Before the meteor exploded, a second object was reported entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Many conspiracy theorists have stated that the second object was a UFO. The UFO of aliens shot the meteor into pieces before it impacted Earth. Some UFO enthusiasts also think that aliens have galactic patrols circling Earth. Protecting the planet since they know we have yet to develop the tech to shoot down deadly meteors.

NASA Cover-Up or Alien Partnership?

After the meteor was allegedly shot down by aliens, NASA and other government agencies responded. And the cover-ups began flying. The American Meteor Society stated that the second object in the sky was simply a piece of the larger meteor. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time for such an event. This alien protection was seen across the northeast of the U.S. and Canada. There were roughly 700 reports of the incident. It could be possible that NASA is working with aliens to help protect Earth. This would explain a lot of the recent UFO sightings NASA has also been quickly covering up.

Why is Earth so Important to E.T.?

One question everyone should be asking is why aliens are so hell-bent on protecting Earth? Could they be simply saving us only to harvest humans at a later date? The sci-fi inspired conspiracy theories are endless. The fact that E.T. is saving us and our planet from a mass extinction via meteor could reduce NASA budget increases in the future as well. Who can save us? Where are Elon Musk and SpaceX in such a crisis?