Pornhub Fans Smoke Electronic Marijuana to Get Sexually Excited

Pornhub Fans Smoke Electronic Marijuana to Get Sexually Excited New Google Glass is Better Than Cocaine Clapway

Pornhub fans are always on the lookout for new ways to get excited. Whether it’s high-tech sex toys, cock shaped fruit or weird fetishes, they will stop at nothing in order to boost their high. Speaking of getting high, a new electronic marijuana cigarette may just be the perfect aphrodisiac many are looking for.


The negative hype surrounding sites like Pornhub imply that watching porn is unhealthy. That may be true from a societal standpoint for some people, but it’s been proven that a good wank has its physical benefits. It’s not fair to assume all Pornhub watchers don’t care about health. Many do, which is why they would be interested in this new, healthy way to boost their sexual experience.


E-cigs for marijuana are growing in popularity due to their positive health effects without getting the users high. Scientists say the battery charged devices may provide a different way of getting the drugs benefits without those minds altering side-effects. Chemicals from marijuana are said to have a wide range of benefits which can be extracted. Normally, when smoking marijuana, those benefits would be combined with large amounts of toxins. With an e-cig, those would disappear, allowing the user to soak in the good. Seeing as marijuana may be an aphrodisiac for some people, anti-drug Pornhub users can now rejoice.


While it’s not proven, the effects of pot have been known to increase sexual excitement. In addition to that, Pornhub fans will be excited to the year that the drug may help them with premature ejaculation. Now, this isn’t true for everyone, as the effect is rather psychological. No one really knows how that works. AT least, not from a scientific standpoint. However, there are plenty of accounts saying that pot helps some men last a bit longer. Whether it’s the relaxation, numbing effects or just the guy forgetting he’s having sex, something about pot seems to just work. Not that anyone needed another reason to smoke up but here it is anyway.