Antarctica was Full of Aliens During the Dinosaur Age

Antarctica was Full of Aliens During the Dinosaur Age Clapway

The evidence of the dinosaur age on Earth is accepted by most people. This evidence has led to the idea that the dinosaurs extinction was caused by a dinosaur-killing asteroid. And it also suggests that Antarctica and the life that lived on the icy continent survived the event unharmed. New research, however, puts the Antarctica idea into question. The asteroid may have also affected the animals, and maybe the aliens, that called the Antarctic home. It appears that Earth’s mysteries are still waiting to be found.

Antarctica Hit by Hot Asteroid

Researchers from the University of Leeds led the new Antarctica survey. The team of British researchers looked at more than 6,000 marine fossils, which were dated between 65 and 69 million years old. This timeline suggests that the dinosaur-era animals might have been affected by the mass-extinction event. Researchers also found that 70 percent of life was killed on Antarctica around the same time. The study’s findings may open the old dinosaur idea to review.

Were There Dinosaur Aliens at the South Pole?

Antarctica aliens have been the subject of much debate by UFO hunters over the years. Navy personnel in Antarctica have reported seeing aliens and underwater UFOs. One sailor discussed a glowing light coming from the water. Another story came from a UFO hunter who had found a possible alien ship or base off the coast of Antarctica using Google Earth. The reported alien base was said to be roughly 140 feet. Whenever there are reports like these, critics quickly find them to be false. The alien base was said to be a whale, and the UFO sighting was said to be a man’s imagination getting the best of him.

Mars May Have the Answers

In a bizarre twist, scientists recently found that Mars is actually thawing from an ice age. The Martian ice age ended around 400,000 years ago, but it may have revealed similarities between Mars and Earth. Will NASA find a dinosaur on Mars? Red Planet aliens may still be thawing out just like our South Pole aliens. The new findings on Earth and in space definitely puts aliens into question. Could some form of alien life be frozen on Earth?