Government: Support Gays, Apple iPhone and Marijuana

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According to a new study, same-sex couples are increasing in the United States. The acceptance of gays has been an issue over the last few years and it looks like the movement is finally getting respect. Believe it or not, marijuana and the Apple iPhone have helped the cause.


You don’t have to be a history buff to know that gays were not accepted in the past. Thanks to strong efforts, though, their status has changed rapidly. Between 1973 and 1990, the percentage of adults who thought same-sex relations was fine rose from 11% to 13%. By 2014 49% of adults and 63% of millennials were accepting towards gays. While time and awareness were large parts of this massive change, technology like the iPhone helped as well.


There were many factors that helped with the acceptance of gays. Of these, technology was a big help. With the invention of the iPhone, society has become more individualistic. The iPhone gave the world the gift of information that fits in a pocket. Now that resources are so available, one doesn’t need to worry about working together and following the rules of the group. Individuals can focus on themselves and that includes sharing their opinions without includes being the outcast. Additionally, devices like the iPhone have helped spread ideas and opinions instantly. If gays are being mistreated somewhere and that goes viral, suddenly there is an internet movement going on. Increased information means increased understanding which will hopefully lead to a peaceful world someday. Speaking of peace, marijuana will help with that.


States all over America are not legalizing weed by chance. We’ve seen that the positives of marijuana far outnumber the negatives. Using dope is not just tolerated but encouraged. It’s not the health benefits that are so much a surprise. Studies have been out on that for years now. It’s more of the benefits to society that America seems to love. Since Colorado legalized marijuana, they hardly know what to do with the income. Crime is down, teen marijuana use is down and even the Cartel is feeling the heat. It will be nice to see what a few more decades can accomplish in global understanding