ISS Live Feed captured Aliens Destroying NASA Habitat

ISS Live Feed captured Aliens Destroying NASA Habitat Clapway

New footage from the ISS may confirm that aliens interfered with the NASA portable space habitat expansion. The new video is a NASA live feed recording of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) deployment. The live feed, however, showed a strange moving object in the distance. NASA was trying to expand BEAM, the portable space habitat, but something went wrong. After a few hours, NASA had to abort the mission due to “friction.” But some believed it was aliens, and now they may have video proof.

NASA Attempts to Cover-Up Footage

The recent footage of the NASA live feed and aliens was posted by YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon. The video does clearly show a strange flying object during the BEAM test. A test that failed due to unexplained friction. Could this flying object in the background be a UFO? It could be easily dismissed as space junk or ice, until the live feed is clearly cut and edited without the object. The thirdphaseofmoon team clearly points this out. Was it space friction, or NASA’s attempt to cover-up aliens?

ISS and Aliens Have Friction

The BEAM test was a simple one. Simply inflate a portable habitat that could be used for the next Mars mission. It is the ultimate space habitat. It would allow protection against the harsh elements on newly explored planets. However, the aliens may have had a different idea. The ISS test was stopped after an “unexpected friction” occurred. Many believers thought it could have been aliens messing with the ISS crew again, and they may have been right. A UFO space weapon that has no sound or visible features could have caused the unexpected friction. This would also explain the “space junk” that hit the ISS earlier this year, cracking a window.

Portable Mars Condom

The BEAM is simply a NASA toy that they can play with on the ISS. This toy, however, may be very important for the future of space travel. The manned Mars missions that will happen in future decades can use the BEAM as a Mars condom. It will protect them from the dangerous elements on the Red Planet. It could also serve as a portable lab. If aliens did destroy the BEAM, it may be a sign that they do not want us poking around as space much.