Scientists Scanning Egypt Pyramids to Find Aliens

Scientists Scanning Egypt Pyramids to Find Aliens Sphinx Pyramid - Clapway

The pyramids of Egypt have long been shrouded in mystery. Now, researchers are getting technological with it in order to uncover the ancient secret aliens buried far beneath the ground.


A team of archaeologists is testing a new scanner on the great Pyramid of Giza. They hope new technology will help uncover the ancient secrets thought to exist beneath the stone. Until now, it’s been claims of spirits and aliens but hopefully, technology can shed some logic on the matter. The scanner uses subatomic particles to examine the 4,500-year old pyramid. Last year, the scientist used thermal scanning to find a major anomaly in the pyramids. Three stones at the base register higher temperatures than the others. Surely, aliens must be to blame.

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In years past, scientist shave downplayed the important of technology in ancient sites like this. It seems the old school, Indiana Jones approach hasn’t unearthed any aliens just yet. Now, technology takes the helm. Still, many seem to be against using technology, especially if it is in the wrong hands. Not anyone can take a scanner and get busy with the ancient pyramids. Trained Egyptologists are needed to oversee the entire operation. Otherwise, King Tuts tomb may unleash a wrath of deadly, ancient evil aliens on the world.


The debate over how to handle the ancient pyramids exist far outside Egypt. Throughout the world, trained professionals and uninformed internet fans have argued over what secrets the pyramids hold. The most recent of these involve King Tuts tomb. Some think that the tomb has additional chambers. These potentially hidden chambers may hold more forms of evidence like the rare iron dagger found in the king’s body. Using a new form of x-ray, a team said the dagger dated back to the Bronze Age. Not only that, but the iron was made from a meteorite. Did an alien hand deliver a dagger to King Tut? Was King Tut an alien himself? Does ISIS have anything to do with ancient alien civilizations? The answers to that and more, sometime in the near future. Or maybe not. Either way, stay tuned.