New Tech Makes Coffee Better Than Starbucks

New Tech Makes Coffee Better Than Starbucks Coffee will Make you live longer Clapway

A blind narwhal can make coffee better than Starbucks but seeing as those are rather hard to come by, a new technology is here to help out.


Good  should not be a privilege. It should be an easily obtainable part of our everyday lives no matter what the circumstance. Often times we are left to believe that we need an upmarket, state-of-the-art espresso machine in order to get supreme java. That’s just not reasonable for most people, so instead, we give up and let Starbucks take over. We trick ourselves into thinking that burnt, bitter, sugar-laden, excuse for a latte tastes good, only because there is no other option. Well, now Invergo is giving you a new option and an excuse to ditch Starbucks.


Invergo ensures everyone that they can take control of their coffee experience. Leave Starbucks out of this. The easy to use touchscreen display helps you control variables and making them work together in order to produce the best java your senses desire. Conventional drip coffee machines use a static six-point saturation pattern. What you’re left with is a zone that is over-extracted and a large portion that is under-extracted and thus, wasted. Invergo utilized a moving hypotrochoid saturation pattern that covers a larger surface area and makes the most of your grounds. Further adding to supreme control, Invergo lets you set the water temperature to one-degree increments. The water instantly heats up and you’re left with a consistent, personal cup of joe.


Science makes the best cup of coffee, not some failed hipster at Starbucks. Invergo uses a refractometer that allows you to look at your delicious drink and see how many particles are dissolved. Using this device, one is able to quantify the taste of great java. Most machines are nowhere near the levels of accuracy needed in order to produce a great beverage. Invergo, on the other hand, has the ability to control brewing parameters and keep the results constant and optimal. Invergo works with any brewing appartus so there’s no excuse to up your java game at home. Leave franchises for those who have lost all hope in caffeinated beverages. If you have even an ounce of self-respect left for how you want your coffee, you’d be wise to use Invergo.