Independent Astronomers Accuse NASA of Lying about Aliens

Independent Astronomers Accuse NASA of Lying about Aliens Clapway

Astronomer captured a large UFO passing by Jupiter. And this is not the first time Jupiter has been the subject of discussion for aliens. Jupiter’s moon Europa has been noted for its likeness to Earth. In fact, even NASA believes that it is the best shot at finding aliens. The recent video by an astronomer may just be more evidence to support claims of aliens living on the Jupiter moon. It is worth saying that the astronomer who discovered the giant UFO cruising Jupiter is not an alien fanatic. He or she is simply a lover of space, posting fantastic videos to YouTube for other space lovers to enjoy.

Aliens Passing by Jupiter

The UFO video of aliens cruising the Jupiter system was posted by YouTube channel secureteam10. However, it was first posted by TakeBackSpace TV, another YouTube channel a few short months ago. TakeBackSpace TV offers viewers great video footage of space and the moon, among other great space stuff. That is until the astronomer of the channel found a big UFO passing by Jupiter. The video was passed on to secureteam10, where it has had nearly 200,000 views. The video was featured by secureteam10 with some other videos involving Jupiter aliens. Raising eyebrows of those wanting answers.

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NASA Has High Hopes

NASA has yet to pop their heads from the space closet. It is getting harder, however, for them to cover up the truth. The recent footage of a possible alien mothership near Jupiter is raising questions about Jupiter’s moon. Europa is noted as being a highly plausible place to find life beyond Earth. It is even posted on their website. This is because of NASA research. NASA believes that it has a global ocean with a rocky seabed, similar to Earth. They also have ideas about the moon’s “chaos terrain.” This land area is a blocky landscape of mystery covered in reddish material. Could these blocky structures be alien bases?

Will Life Beyond Earth Ever be Found?

The life support for Europa, and its alien ocean, has much to do with its tides. NASA believes that tides may be creating volcanic movement on its seabed. This could be the spark of nutrients needed for aliens to form and live. The search for life beyond Earth stretches to Mars and our very own moon as well. Whether the government shares their findings, however, is another big expectation that may never be filled. Many Americans believe that space voyage, and the budgets that fund them are a waste. Finding aliens, however, could sway those in a different direction. Finding alien life could unlock the doors for medical advancements beyond our wildest dreams. It may also bring Earth into a new era of tech. Do you think alien life will ever be found?