New Tech Merged Starbucks and Coke Together

New Tech Merged Starbucks and Coke Together Clapway

Technology has given us access to instant information, self-driving cars and virtual reality yet, there are still some pressing issues out there that have gone unresolved. For example, let’s say you stop by Starbucks to grab a soy latte. Upon receiving said latte, you think how good a nice, cold Coke would go with that. Before you start sobbing at the lack of technology that could combine the best of both worlds, introduce yourself to Golchi.


Finally, your favorite Starbucks beverage and Coke can exist in harmony. This is all due to Golchi, the world’s first vacuum insulated bottle that can carry not one, but two drinks in any combination of hot or cold. This wonderous concept came to be on a quest to re-invent the bottle. Some may say that the water bottle never needed to be reinvented but Golchi will make them rethink that sentiment. Golchi can carry up to two beverages at once with perfect temperate insulation. That means you can keep your Starbucks vanilla bean soy latte warm and have a Coke handy when you need it.


Water bottles shouldn’t dictate when and where you can drink your Starbucks beverage or Coke. With Golchi’s breakthrough innovation, you can customize the bottle to suit your unique personality. Choose between double decker, jumbo, traditional or mini to customize your drinking experience. When you open up a can of soda, suddenly you have put a time limit on enjoyment. How and when you want to take part in your beverage should be a carefree process. In addition to when you can drink, Golchi lets you choose how to drink with a patent-pending controlled flow mechanism. Users can select the size of the drinking spout based on what beverages they are about to consume.


It’s quite understandable that this revolutionary technology will take some getting used to. With two drinks now in one, convenient bottle, how will one ever be able to tell them apart? It is a conflict of luxury but a conflict nonetheless. Thankfully, Golchi has recognized this issue by creating temperature markers on both lids. These will help you always remember whether it’s a hot or cold drink inside the bottle. In addition to that, Golchi has perfect temperature insulation that keeps your Coke cold for 24 hours or your Starbucks coffee steaming hot for a solid 12 hours. The future of how we drink is here.