Minecraft Sex Scene Made PornTube Fans Happy

Minecraft Sex Scene Made PornTube Fans Happy Clapway

The world of Minecraft role-play is pretty bizarre, but just sometimes it is devilishly sexy. The newest Minecraft role-plays episode posted on YouTube by Aphmau has erected more than a million views. Making Minecraft and PornTube fans happy. Sexual tension builds in this high school inspired video, but the main character goes for her first kiss with her new block-headed man. And before they can strip down and get down to business, windows break and the alpha female will have to settle for some three-dimensional self-pleasure.

Aphmau Gets Mouth Raped

The MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Finale is the 30th episode in the teenage angst drama. It details a house party thrown by Aphmau’s crazy friends. An end of the year party for everyone, but Aphmau resists the urge to be a bad girl. However, after a few people show up, including the dreamy boy she has been crushing on, Aphmau gets freaky. This role-plays video finale could have been much better, as in 70s porn music, roller-skates, and PornTube better. Interestingly, Minecraft porn actually exists.

Minecraft Goes PornTube

There are some pretty interesting Minecraft videos available to all on the Internet. The videos on YouTube are usually quite harmless. They show things like Aphmau’s first kiss or Pink Sheep’s gangster mustache world domination. There is, however, a darker PornTube side to the Minecraft world. After a quick Google, I was able to find plenty of block-headed porn. One that caught my attention was Cowgirl. Cowgirl had a gentleman caller visit her at her remote blocky cabin. He proceeded to PornTube the s**t out of her with hands and purple dildo. Pretty hardcore stuff.

Plenty of Block Headed Porn

My simple Google search left my browser filled with hot loads of block headed Minecraft porn worthy of any PornTube posting. You can see reverse cowgirl, anal, BDSM, threesomes, BJs, cunnilingus, and animal porn all in a few quick clicks. Is this a good thing? Porn and the online porn platforms like PornTube have been breaking porn barriers. This has in some ways opened a friendlier discussion involving the porn industry. If anyone can reach animated porn in a few clicks, so can kids across the globe.