Top Five Best Condoms

Top 5 Best Condoms Clapway

When its time to perform your best at anything, you need the right equipment for optimal performance. Your condom is important, and putting a little time into choosing the one that fits your erection is essential. Essential to pleasing your partner, and vital to getting the best bang for your buck. Using any old condom is poor form, because not all condoms are created equal. Let’s look at the top 5 best condoms for your cock.

Condoms From the Apple of the Pleasure Industry

LELO, a Swedish sex company is known for their innovative condoms, and other intimate items. They have recently engineered HEX condoms that are pretty much indestructible, like a Kevlar condom. You won’t need to have any more awkward abortion talks, because this condom can’t be ripped with a needle. LELO Hex condoms are said to be the most revolutionary condom tech in 70 years.

Super Powered AIDS Fighting Condom

Dr. Mahua Choudhury, assistant professor at Texas A&M created a new HIV/AIDS-fighting condom. To prevent the spread of the virus if the condom breaks, it has a flavonoid that helps prevent the replication of the virus. In addition, the AIDS fighting condoms have roughly six months of testing before they are inserted into the market.

The Japanese Cock Kimono

If you are going to f**k like a porn star, why not where the condoms they have voted best ever at The Adult Video Network (AVN) Awards. The Kimono microthin condom one hands down. It beat out the likes of Trojan and Durex for the honor. Each Kimono condom has natural latex extracted from rubber trees. And a brand-secret chemical that may have erect results as well.

Australian Outback Prevents You From Going Bareback

Aboriginals have used specific grass found in the Australian Outback for decades. It is strong and durable grass that they use for fastening their spears. As a result, researchers want to use spinifex grass to develop super-condoms. It could result in the world’s thinnest and strongest condom ever.

The Nigerian Condom of Choice

Knowing which condom a Nigerian uses for safe sex is like knowing the type of running shoes their marathoners wear. Safe sex is very important to everyone around the world, but maybe more vital in Africa. They look at a variety of features, kind of like buying an iPhone. A few features weigh heavy on the Nigerian condom shopper, because lube, rib or tall, thick or thin, size, material, and of course price are important. What do you look for in a condom?