Scientists: Medical Marijuana and Pokemon Go Are Beneficial

Scientist: Medical Marijuana and Pokemon Go Are Beneficial Clapway

Darwinism at its best! In New York, 33 people fall ill to K2 drug overdoses and a Pokemon Go player was stabbed in Oregon, but kept playing. Medical Marijuana and Pokemon Go, a free-to-play interactive app for smartphones are both fun and addictive.

What else do the two have in common? They are both killing off stupid people. Could the weeding out of the dumb be the apocalypse described in the bible?

Is K2 Medical Marijuana?

K2 is not derived from medical marijuana, but maybe the people, who are overdosing on it, think it is. More than two-dozen people in New York City fell under the K2 spell, sparking warnings by health officials.

K2 is synthetic marijuana, and it affects the same area of the brain as marijuana. It is lab rat juice and not the Rastafarian goodness grown for good times. It has become a serious health concern in New York City as of late.

Pokemon Go is the New Tech Crack

Pokemon Go may even be as addictive and have the same effects of real crack, not just tech crack. Michael Baker, a 22-year-old Oregon man in Oregon was in the middle of playing the addictive game when he ran into another gamer. Naturally, Baker challenged the other player.

Unfortunately, the interactive game took a real life twist once the other player actually stabbed Baker in the shoulder. Baker, however, is no Pokemon Go pussy. He continued on his mission and got his chips and beer.

Science Behind Killing Stupid Humans

The world is indeed a crowded place. Unfortunately, medical advancements are keeping those who would have died long ago alive longer. Much longer than ever seen before in history, leaving them to continue breeding more stupid people.

Science may be using medical marijuana, or K2 synthetic dope and Pokemon Go to kill these stupid people off. Or at least try, because stupid people are difficult to actually kill. However, medical marijuana and Pokemon Go may do the trick.