Top 9 Electric Cars That Could Beat Tesla Model S and Model 3

Top 9 Electric Cars That Could Beat Tesla Model S and Model 3 Clapway

Over 325,000 reservations have been placed for the upcoming release of the Tesla Model 3. Those waiting for their new luxury Tesla, however, will need to patiently wait until 2019 for their electric cars.

There is fantastic news when it comes to the variety of electric cars, though. There are some seriously compelling electric cars currently on the market that you can get behind the wheel off. There are even some new models to be launched onto roadways later this year as well.

Another bonus for electric car fans is that the three-year wait period is just long enough to lease a new vehicle while waiting in vain. The wealth of options you can consider in regards to the $35,000 Model 3 opening price is very encouraging. Especially if you’re wetting your taste buds for electric cars with multiple companies throwing their green thumb into the mix.

It will be hard to compete with the Tesla Model S and Model 3 though. The Model S is designed with safety, luxury, and hair blowing exhilaration in mind. The Tesla all-electric powertrain that will bring you from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds is pretty mind-blowing. The Tesla Model S also comes with an autopilot feature.

The Model S 70 has an MSRP price tag of $71,200 and the AWD 70D is $76,200. This is a far cry from the value you get with the Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf. Even the BMW 330e and i3 are less expensive.

Those plug-in hybrid alternatives to Tesla electric cars are great as well. But they often only offer up the daily commute convenience. This lets you plug in at work if you can, allowing you to only guzzle down gas for those weekend excursions. Despite all the shifting pros and cons, there are a lot of fantastic electric cars on the market that could beat out Tesla.

1. BMW 330e eDrive Gives Tesla A Run For Your Money

The BMW 330e eDrive Series might give Tesla a run for your money. It is a comfortable, agile, and luxurious way to go green. It is a plug-in hybrid rumored to be redubbed the 330e iPerformance for the 2016 summer.

It is equipped with a 248 horsepower, four-cylinder, turboelectric engine powered by a BMW’s 7.6 kWh battery. Unfortunately, you can only get roughly 14 miles of total electric cruising time.

This sporty hybrid, however, serves up a 35-mpg and 49-mpg highway ride, giving you a total possible range of 735 miles. Starting at $40,845, the BMW 330e is a sporty alternative to Tesla luxury cars.

2. BMW i3 Tests Tesla Model 3 Electric Cars

The BMW i3 is a space-age looking brand of electric cars with lots of features. It has RWD, a four-seat hatchback and backdoors hinged to the right. This spacey BMW is by far more appealing than most Tesla cars.

It boasts an electric motor with 170 hp commonalities, fulfilling your green need for speed. The BMW i3 has a generator that can extend your driving range passed 75 miles. Up to 130 miles of range capability, the four-hour charging time puts Tesla cars to the test.

Not to mention, the i3 handles like any other BMW sports car. A price tag ranging from $42,400 to $46,250 may be a deciding factor when comparing it to a Tesla Model S.

3. Nissan LEAF Offers Value in Electric Cars Class

When it comes to the best-selling electric cars on the market, the Nissan LEAF can’t be ignored. It is a true value for your money and the top Tesla challenger. It is the top-selling green ride in the US, Europe, and Japan. Making the Nissan LEAF one mean green machine.

It offers a range of 84 miles with a comfy 5-seat interior. Starting just above $20,000 once you cash in your tax credit, it is a definite Tesla alternative. It will also be interesting to see what else Nissan has in store for the next generations of LEAF cars.

3. Nissan LEAF Offers Value in Electric Cars Class Clapway4. Fiat 500e vs. Model 3 and Model S

If you want to keep the fashion part of your green inspired drive, the Fiat 500e may be perfect for you. Not only fashionable; it has stirred up some pretty great reviews as well. One of the fastest electric cars to 30 mph, it has gained momentum with the electric crowd.

Despite Fiat’s CEO hating on it. The market numbers don’t lie, making it a possible choice for those waiting until 2019 to get behind the wheel of their new Tesla. The price tag ranging from $24,800 to $32,300 gives it a good value as well.

5. Ford Focus Electric Emphasizes Electric Cars for Everyone

Ford is staying in the industry as they catch up with the times. The Ford Focus Electric is a part of that change. And it is a really solid buy and alternative to Tesla cars. You and four of your friends can enjoy the comfy interior while getting 76 miles on a full charge.

It also boasts 105 MPGe, making it not only efficient but also cool. If you aren’t feeling the Nissan LEAF love, the Ford Focus Electric is slightly higher in price, which is still a value everyone can enjoy starting at $21,670.

6. Smart Electric Coupe Compact Mercedes Engineering

Mercedes-Benz joins BMW, Tesla, and Porsche in the electric cars race. Only this is not your typical Mercedes. The smart electric coupe is a compact green engineering version. It has a single-gear transmission that gives you a smooth quick ride.

It is also equipped with the Lithium-ion battery that boasts 107 MPGe, giving a love bump to Mother Nature while powering down the highway. Engineered with Mercedes-Benz, it keeps industry standards in mind with the Tridion Safety Cell keeping you safe in the event of an accident. This gives buyers a safer outlook when thinking about a smart electric coupe steal starting at $12,490.

6. Smart Electric Coupe Compact Mercedes Engineering Clapway7. Chevrolet Volt Beating Tesla Model S and Model 3 in Electric Cars?

The 2016 Chevrolet Volt is a midsize sedan that may be one to beat the Tesla Model S and Model 3. It is fast, smooth, quiet, and comfy, everything you might be looking for when it comes to electric cars.

Chevy really put some effort in redesigning the first-generation model. It is a hybrid equipped with a 1.5-liter engine with generator keeping range anxiety at a minimum. The Chevrolet Volt can take you roughly 50 miles on electric power alone with a hybrid range of 420 miles total.

It only has a 4.5-hour charging time as well. It also boasts some luxury features, like heated seats and a heated steering wheel. With a price tag range of $33,170 to $37,520, the Volt may be one of those electric cars putting Tesla to the test.

8. Winning Electric Cars Like the Ford Fusion Energi

The Ford Fusion Energi is winning. Handling like any European sporty sedan, it keeps elegance in mind with a cool interior as well.

This plug-in hybrid can take you down the road roughly 20 miles on pure green power thanks to the 7.6 kWh lithium-ion batteries. They are a fun alternative to electric cars with a price tag starting at $34,605, which is not so bad for a cool electric whip.

9. The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Might be the Future of Electric Cars

Looking to the future, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt fully electric car is pretty amazing. If waiting until 2019 to get your electric car fix from Tesla, you can give the Bolt a test drive. It has a compact hatchback that rivals the Tesla Model 3.

GM has also noted that the Bolt could come with a 200-mile driving range with a low cost of $30,000 after those federal tax rebates. It can also go from 0-60 mph in 7 seconds for everyone looking for that sweet spot acceleration. It will be available toward the end of 2016.