Nissan Leaf Tech Destroyed Tesla Plans

Nissan Leaf Tech Destroyed Tesla Plans Clapway

Tesla’s plans for world domination have been foiled again by their cuter, cheaper rival Nissan Leaf. The company is launching a new vehicle-to-grid scheme that will help save the environment in a refreshing way.


UK owners of a Nissan Leaf are about to get very happy. The company is starting their new vehicle charging scheme in the UK that will enable owners to sell their extra energy from their cars back to the electricity grid for money. The more leftover charge that is found in a battery will now be converted to cold, hard cash. Well, it might be a direct deposit but that’s beside the point. Nissan revealed the announcement at a London event. It’s been hard at work with the UK’s National Grid and power company Eaton to develop what is called xStorage system. This will help transfer the additional energy from the Leaf to the grid. Just a reminder, Tesla cannot do that.


Tesla had plans to being conquering the European market, but this pesky Leaf has put a halt to their advancements. At the moment, there are 18,000 Nissan Leafs in the UK. That’s the equivalent to two power stations. If everyone began to drive a leaf, that would be enough to power not only Britain but Germany as well. While that should be enough initiative for consumers to work with, there’s more. With the XStorage system, Leaf owners can earn as much as £600 in income. It’s not something one can retire off of, but that’s a few free bottles of nice whiskey. Tesla will have a hard time competing with that.


At one point, it seemed that Tesla and CEO Elon Musk could do no wrong. Their latest model hopes to bring electric cars within the reach of the middle class with an affordable price. Despite these efforts, it seems that people aren’t completely on board the Musk-mobile. The carmaker reported mixed quarterly results for 2016 implying that shares are falling. Granted, the markets change all the time, so this will have little effect on the company, however, it shows the Musk empire is vulnerable to failure after all. With the Nissan Leaf close on their heels, space at the top may begin to get crowded.