Several Men Captured Aliens Charging Space Ships

Several Men Captured Aliens Charging Space Ships Clapway

Aliens are using lightning storms to charge their spaceships on Earth. Several men have captured these amazing events, suggesting this has been happening for a long time. YouTube channel secureteam10 posted the images of aliens charging UFOs before returning to their home planet. Could Earth simply be a charging station for UFOs during space travel? Images of triangular UFOs marking the sky may be the key to unlocking the truth.

Shocking image shows aliens charging their space ship during a lightening storm in Georgia

The new image of a triangular UFO in the midst of a lightning storm is shocking. Aliens may have harnessed the Earth’s natural occurrences to charge their space ships. Or are lightening storms a product of alien technology? The secureteam10 video shows a zoomed in view of the lightning strike, and a UFO appeared. The man who took the photo said the UFO would appear with every lightning strike.

V-shaped imprints in storm clouds are evidence of charging space aliens

The video also shows several photos of triangular and v-shaped imprints in storm clouds taken by men. Could these be subtle outlines of space ships? It would make sense that they have found an innovative way to charge their UFOs. And using natural patterns of the Earth like lightning storms are genius. Many believers think that aliens are humans of the future, traveling back in time via wormholes to visit Earth. This would explain their knowledge of lightening and storm patterns.

NASA confirmed space portals near Earth; these are superhighways for aliens

Using Earth as a charging space station like hybrid electric cars is not as crazy as it sounds. Humans may have taken the electric car idea to new heights in the future. And aliens are simply humans from the future. How can future alien humanoids get back to Earth? In 2012, NASA said they discovered hidden portals in Earth’s magnetic field. These portals are essentially time machines, and are used for long universe travel. Therefore, UFOs need to recharge on Earth.