Instagram Users Buying Sexy Hillary Clinton to Support the Artist

Instagram Users Buying Sexy Hillary Clinton to Support the Artist Clapway

Instagram users are sending money to the artist after the online photo-sharing app logged him off permanently. This was due to sexy Hilary Clinton art painted for all to see. Ron Burgundy would call it provocative. Trump is DTF. And Bill may have lost another cigar. After banning the artist, Instagram took some heat. There were cries of censorship over the takedown of sexy Hilary Clinton. Were they wrong? Are the photo-sharing app executives trying to direct their users in a certain political direction?

Instagram put sexy Hilary Clinton and artist in the corner like Baby and Swayze

Street artist Lushux painted the Hilary Clinton sexy stripper mural, and it is quite patriotic. Banned by Instagram, the mural has become famous in the Melbourne suburb of Fotscray. It kind makes sense now, because it’s not from an American artist. Lushux posted the photo of his mural on Thursday and woke up to a deleted account that had more than 100,000 followers on Friday.

Conspiracy by Instagram to keep sexy Hilary Clinton off voters’ minds; was this on purpose?

Instagram censored artist Lushux was surprised to see his 100,000 followers gone. The street artist said that the timing of the takedown was a bit odd, and maybe a conspiracy was afoot. He did point out his not so good photos of Trump never caused a stir by the app. Sexy stripper Hilary Clinton with money on her hip was, however, too far.

Will a sexy Donald Trump with large cock and ripe nipples be next for Instagram?

Instagram should have been smarter about deleting an artist’s account. Censorship is a serious issue and being an online platform with censorship power is deadly for business. Oh wait, never mind, Facebook is already a government spy agency. The sexy Hilary Clinton mural was pretty awesome, and maybe a Trump cock will be next. Gay republicans will surely go wild.

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