Man Who Filmed Vortex UFO got Ill

Alien UFO Found in The Ocean; NASA knows... Man Who Filmed Vortex UFO got Ill Clapway

A man famous for his UFO hunting ways recently turned in a shocking account to alien researchers Thirdphaseofmoon. The video shows an intense weather system, however, upon further review, it’s obvious to see this is not something of Earth.


The man simply known as Jack proved to the community that he is back in action with his newest video. Over the past year, Jack has fallen ill due to the extreme risks his takes to uncover the alien truth. Jack is responsible for a number of impressive UFO accounts and this latest one only adds to his credibility. As one can see from the video, Jack appears to be filming a violent weather system. However, upon further inspection, something mysterious appears in the middle. Ufologists have to a conclusion that this was an energy vortex caused by highly intelligent life.


Looking at the video closely, it’s easy to see a small, black object moving inside the vortex. At first, it looks like debris but then it’s obvious that this object is in control of its movement. Researchers are now trying to understand what this UFO was doing up there. Some say it caused the event while others suggest it was harvesting the energy for its own benefit. Whatever the cause, it is not a weather system. Unfortunately for Jack, his battery ran out and the video abruptly ceased. By the time he changed the battery, the mysterious phenomenon disappeared. Now, another mystery remains.


Look at the video. Whoever caused this vortex has great power that we can not match. How NASA can stand around and let this go on is beyond comprehension. Thankfully, we have people like Jack to help uncover the mystery but it’s understandable to see why no one would take him seriously. Credible, government sources need to come forth and offer up an explanation of sorts. They are afraid of societal collapse, but that won’t matter if aliens attack first.