Over 5 UFO Sightings Detected in Ukraine; Putin Knows…

Over 5 UFO Sightings Detected in Ukraine; Putin Knows… Clapway

Putin can no longer hide behind the iron curtain, because of five recent UFO sightings in the Ukraine. The startling discovery of new alien life around Russia has caused a stir among the people. It may even cause more unrest around the world, since Putin is making deals with aliens to become the next superpower. He may be using alien tech to harvest more oil in Siberia, and the sightings hold the truth. YouTube channel UFO Sightings recently posted a video of all the shocking footage from that area.

UFO weapons made a smoke ring in the sky; scared onlookers take videos in a panic

The recent YouTube video compilation offers a rare glimpse into the alien UFO activity Putin knows all too well. In fact, one of the videos shows UFO weapons at their best. A large smoke ring in the sky hovers over people as they panic. Some believers think it is a portal that aliens use to travel through space and time per the comments. Others think it is smoke from an alien weapon. Is Russia employing aliens to take back Ukraine?

UFO fleets controlled by Putin are transporting tech for faster oil drilling; is the end of the world coming?

Other footage found in the YouTube video shows large UFO fleets moving under the cover of darkness. Their glowing orbs are detected as they move across the sky. And Putin is in control of them. In fact, Vyacheslav Golonkin captured an alien spaceship over the home of the president. Golonkin is a UFOlogist, and he is certain the Russian president is working with an alien reptile species. Could it be for more oil production, because the country is drilling everywhere?

Obama will tell the world about aliens before he leaves office; it may be because he hates Russia

Reports say President Obama will tell the world aliens and UFO sightings are real. This comes after pressure to disclose the secrets surfaced during the current presidential election. David Cameron will follow, and so will many other officials, because they don’t want Russia to use alien tech anymore. Russia is angry, and this may be the beginning of a nuclear war and alien invasion predicted for 2017. If you want more on Putin, the book The New Tsar dives into the president’s rise. It’s available on Amazon for $21.89.