Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia Clapway

You might think that you’re safe in your warm, cozy home, with your perfectly arranged furniture and meticulously manicured lawn. In your little, self-contained bubble, you can hide from all the evil truths out there. In a way, you’re right. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. However, while you’re sitting there, enjoying that mediocre drip coffee and scanning through the sports section for the 10th, avoiding conversation with the family, think about this. You’re being lied to.

Aliens are out there, and NASA and Russia are hiding extraterrestrials from us. There are dozens, if not hundred, of alien races out there that we supposedly don’t know about. To get started, here is a list of ten. Afterward, feel free to get back to your adequate, suburban life.


The Dorsay alien race is just one of many hidden by NASA and Russia over the years. These small creatures are no more than 0.5 meters. Some are even mistaken for little people on Earth. They’ve visited our planet over 250 times and hail from the star system Cassiopeia. Unlike humans, they have 2 home planets. Shockingly enough, they are intelligent beings but eat other species of alien and human. If you think humans are constantly at war, the Dorsay give us a run for our money. The race has been in a state of war with another species for over 2 billion years. Researchers are beginning to wonder if they’ve lost that war, since the Dorsay haven’t visited Earth since November 2001.

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia Clapway2. ALIEN RACE ELLINA HIDDEN BY NASA AND RUSSIA

If you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, one thing that NASA and Russia won’t tell you is that the elves were inspired by an alien race. The Ellina race is often found deep in the forest of Germanic countries. They are not known to be harmful but are known for their prank-loving ways. They enjoy scaring us humans and even occasionally steal from us. The last sighting of these guys was in 2001 near Munchen, Germany.

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia Clapway3. ALIEN RACE X-1Z HIDDEN BY NASA AND RUSSIA

Russia and NASA haven’t had much trouble hiding this alien race. Their appearances on Earth are rare. 2 times in fact. This is probably due to their supreme shape-shifting abilities. Apparently, they can shape-shift as much as 4 times in just 10 seconds. Their origin is rather unknown but they can be quite hostile at times. X-1Z likes to abduct and perform medical experiments on us humans. While estimates pin their Earth origin since the mid-1500s, the only 2 sightings happened near Turkey.

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia Clapway4. ALIEN RACE PURITAVE HIDDEN BY NASA AND RUSSIA

This is yet another alien race that is hard for NASA and Russia to keep track of. They have an unknown origin; however, they are mostly seen around the pacific Northwest region of the United States. They seem to take a great interest in our oceans. In the 1980s and 1990s, there have been several close calls with these beings crashing into U.S. navy ships. For the most part, Puritave aliens are seen as peaceful and nocturnal. Since 2000, the Puritaves have disappeared. However, many researchers believe they are still out there.

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia Clapway5. ALIEN RACE ZETA HIDDEN BY NASA AND RUSSIA

The Zeta race has been visiting Earth far before NASA and Russia even existed. Alien researchers say that the Zeta came from the constellation NETS. Allegedly, they are the representatives of the Anunnaki race here on Earth. For those that don’t know, the Anunnaki genetically created a subspecies of Zeta that went on to become the Pharaohs of Egypt. Eventually, the evil, shape-shifting Reptilian alien race took down the Zeta. Zetas have been on Earth for nearly 4,000 years. They’ve maintained their secrecy because of their strong resemblance to human beings. At the moment, their location on Earth is unknown.

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia Clapway6. ALIEN RACE NEGUMAK HIDDEN BY NASA AND RUSSIA

Alien race Negumak is fairly new to the scene. NASA and Russia have been hiding them since their first visit in 1989. This insect looking race uses mind control over their human captives. The reason for this is unknown, but they certainly don’t come in peace. Fans of the movie Independence Day will like this. Negumak inspired the creatures in that movie. According to researchers, the Negumak are one of the most ancient races in existence. Most governments tend to fear them the most.

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia Clapway7. ALIEN RACE ALCOHBATA HIDDEN BY NASA AND RUSSIA

The alien race Alcohbata first brought alcohol to Earth thousands of years ago. Well, not really. But get it, though? In reality, the Alochbata race is pretty impressive. Allegedly, they have over 5000 ships and have colonized over 1000 planets. It’s no wonder why NASA and Russia want to keep these guys a secret. The Alochobata are parasites. Do not take them lightly. They frequently abduct humans for reasons unknown to anyone. They secluded themselves and don’t interact with other species. Additionally, they are an aggressive race and are responsible for several airplanes crashes throughout the world.

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia Clapway

The infamous Reptilian race. What more is there to say about these guys besides the fact that they are evil? This alien race is the most known and feared of the three reptoid species. For years NASA and Russia have been battling with the Reptilians. Researchers trace their existence back 15000 years. The race hails from the Draco Constellation. These aggressive guys have colonized over 500 planets by government infiltration. These technically advanced creatures like to work behind the scenes. Reptilians have serious shape-shifting abilities, interdimensional travel abilities, and the power to become invisible. They have 3 bases on Earth. One in the Bermuda Triangle, another near Denmark, and the threat off the coast of New Zealand. Many believe Hillary Clinton to be a member of this race. No wonder why NASA and Russia hate her.

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia Clapway9. ALIEN RACE VINNYTVARI HIDDEN BY NASA AND RUSSIA

Contrary to popular belief, legendary New England Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri has no relation to this alien race. In fact, many wonder why NASA and Russia are keeping these guys a secret at all. They certainly look scary, but these cute little buggers are anything but. The Vinnytvari are a peaceful race. Furthermore, they draw mystical powers from their home planet in the Pavo constellation. They seem to enjoy Earth as they have been visitors since 1000 AD. Furthermore, they do not like to abduct humans, nor do they want to interact with humans. They like to just chill and live out their 2000 year life span. Since 1995, the Vinnytvari have been invisible. Perhaps they left Earth, but who really knows? Russia might.

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia Clapway10. ALIEN RACE PUXHITY HIDDEN BY NASA AND RUSSIA

If you’re a South American, you have this alien race to thank. Allegedly, the Puxhity are responsible for helping several Central and South American civilizations developed. At one time, they had over 2000 members living among humans in those regions. Eventually, they left behind 25 of their own. Unfortunately, humans killed them all. Since then, they have never returned to Earth. However, I’m sure NASA and Russia would like them to. As more evil alien races come to make Earth their home, Russia and NASA will have their hands full.

Top 10 Alien Races Concealed by NASA and Russia ClapwayAgain, these are just ten of the many different races out there. It doesn’t seem like it, but their existence is having a greater impact on your life than you think. Will NASA and Russia eventually come clean? If they do, it may possibly be too late.