Scientists: White Students More Mentally Ill…

Scientists: White Students More Mentally Ill… Clapway

White students get more mental health treatment than any other group, scientists say. Does this make white students more mentally ill? It is difficult to know if white students are simply getting more overall care than other groups. However, scientists have found a clear divide between mentally ill white students and their Black and Hispanic peers. The gap of mental health care in America may be as important as the many racially charged movements. Will politicians take notice of the new data?

Are Black and Hispanic Students Less Mentally Ill than White Students? Scientists believe Racism is Cause

Scientists have found shocking data behind mentally ill students. And racism is the root. The Harvard Medical School study compared data from 50 states between 2006 and 2012. The research looked at students between the ages of 18 and 34, including those younger than 18 as well. The research found inequality to be a part of the care given to non-white students. In fact, black and Latino children made 37 and 49 percent fewer visits to mental health professionals than white kids.

Non-White Students Receive Better Mental Health Care; Scientists Think Mentally Ill Students aren’t Crazy

The recent study also shows that numbers have fallen for mentally ill groups of color. Black students have seen health care professionals 47 percent less than white students. And Latinos 58 percent less. This may indicate inequality of care, scientists say. White students actually received three times more outpatient mental health services, and substance abuse was a big factor among white children.

Mentally ill students of all genders have similar inequality issues, scientists say

Girls are getting less care for mentally ill issues than their male counterparts. Scientists also found that girls do receive more mental health help than boys across all ethnicities. And the imprisonment of blacks and Hispanics also offers no help for mental health care. At least half of all inmates in prison have a mental health condition, because they were left untreated before being arrested. This clearly highlights the source of the growing outrage among minorities. A problem that begins from youth.