U.S. Government: Nuclear Bombs will Make People Healthy

U.S. Government: Nuclear Bombs will Make People Healthy Clapway

Nuclear bombs are the key to a longer healthier life and the U.S. government is experimenting on people again. This comes after a new study shows how the long-term effects of atomic bombs are overstated. The research looked at the health effects resulting from the Japan nuclear bombings. The overall health may not be as severe, as previously thought, since Japanese people are very healthy. The government may begin testing atomic bombs on humans soon. Or will they keep it a secret?

Radiation is not so bad after all; is the government going to use it on the public?

French researchers began looking at data from survivors of nuclear bombings. The data was compiled over 60 years, and the findings are shocking. Bertrand Jordan, a lead researcher in the study said they wanted to clarify the dangers of radiation. Other studies have found radiation to increase cancer risk, and it shortens life by a few months. However, the risks were not as bad as the government made them sound.

Nuclear health problems are a way for the government to scare the public

The new study found a mismatch in government data when compared to nuclear bombing research. It is not disputed that the bombings in Japan resulted in a horrific death. However, those not exposed directly to radiation had less cancer risk. The data did show that age and sex played a role in disease. And the children of survivors had a small chance of health problems as well. The study does not agree with the actions of the bombings but wants people to look closer at the data.

Low-dose radiation has been found to have health benefits; medical officials hiding the truth

There have been several studies that suggest low dose nuclear radiation to have actual health benefits. It has been shown to increase immune function, physiological functions, and remove cellular damage. Research has also shown it to have no adverse effects. However, the government has kept this a secret in order to control the population. It may be possible they will begin human testing after recent research has come to light. Will medical officials continue to hide this breakthrough?