Top 5 Sites That Could Beat Wikipedia

Top 5 Sites That Could Beat Wikipedia Clapway

Everyone loves¬†Wikipedia, right? It’s hard to argue against the massively popular and convenient internet encyclopedia. As great as it may be, there are always options abound. Sure, your favorite pizza place may make the best pizza but is that the only one in the entire world? It’s probably not the only one in the entire town. The American dream was founded on options and now, with the internet, we have the power to explore those options. Hence, for those looking for a new online encyclopedia, check out these 5 alternatives


For those that didn’t know, the Encyclopedia Britannica is Britsh Encyclopedia in Latin. If that wasn’t enough for you to check them out, perhaps their massive team of ¬†editors and contributors will do the trick. Furthermore, there are over 100 Nobel Prize winners and five U.S presidents on board. It’s like the Avengers of information.


If you’ve got questions, has answers. After all, most people use encyclopedias for said answers. This website cuts out all the malarky, though. It’s straight to the point without any hogwash. Ii it jello or Jell-O? Is cornbread a dessert? How the heck do you cook a cucumber? These are just a few of the pressing questions found on So, don’t hold back. There is no question to dumb. No question to strange. Since doesn’t discriminate, neither should you.


Do you want information? O course, you do but at least use your manners. The folks at use their manners. Because of this, they offer a free and respected reference for internet users. InfoPlease is a massive online encyclopedia that has all the information one could possibly ask for. However, just make sure to ask nicely.


Encyclopedias are great for reading about all kinds of information. However, they aren’t the best at telling you how stuff works. Not everyone has the time to read for an hour about the inner workings of a microwave. however, will give you a detailed account filled with informative pictures and explanations.


The Encyclopedia of Life. Since it sounds regal, it must be regal. Well, it is regal. Furthermore, they even have the skills to back up a name like that. If you want global access to knowledge about all things Earth, look no further. Furthermore, The Encyclopedia of life has podcasts. You don’t even have to read now. Just sit back, sip up your mint mojito and wait as the soothing voice floods your brain with valuable information. No more will you an excuse to be stupid. It takes no effort to be smart these days. Hence, just plug in and get smart.