God Punished Priest Who Stole Florida Man’s Property

God Punished Priest Who Stole Florida Man’s Property Clapway

Today, a priest has many names. Father, Reverend, rapist, Pastor, etc. However, a property thief isn’t usually one of these names. Try telling that to one innocent Florida man who claims a God, worshipping minister, stole a mere few feet from his driveway.


Religious circles like to throw around the phrase “love thy neighbor”. One should think that if anyone were to abide by that law, it would be a priest. However, God works in mysterious ways and we see an example of this in Kissimee, Florida. Recently, a resident who’s lived on his property for 25 years welcomed a new, next door neighbor. The neighbor had different plans, though. When the neighborhood vet left for some errands he returned to half of his driveway blocked off by cinder blocks. Apparently, the minuscule amount of property belongs to the new kid in town, who just so happens to be a minister.


This particular priest is living in some kind of delusion. It’s not the first time either. These religious “leaders” of society constantly abuse their power. Whether it’s being inappropriate with children, dealing drugs or soliciting sex in the streets, something needs to be done. Few people get away with so much today. It’s as if they think to be God in human form. They continue to push the boundaries of innocent people and nothing is being done.


Many ask why religious leaders like this act out in such sinful ways. After all, they have spent their whole lives studying the Bible and learning how to be model citizens. It’s contradictory for them to be rapists and thieves but alas, here we stand today. The fact is, they know that religion is dying. Loss of faith is widespread around the world. Of course, they can’t come out and say this to their church so they act out in the ways we see today. Unfortunately, today religion brings about violence. They know it and now try to navigate the world as lost souls with no motivation to be decent.