iPhone Masturbator for Xhamster Fans: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

iPhone Masturbator for Xhamster Fans: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Clapway

This may be the most advanced masturbator you have ever put your penis into. And Xhamster fans love it. The SayberX is a tech savvy male masturbator compatible with your iPhone. It boasts a sensual remote touch, and even a motion tracking ring your partner can wear to service your needs. It is the first male masturbator that actually feels like sex. If you are an Xhamster fan who has an iPhone, the SayberX is perfect.

Xhamster fans can’t get enough of the realistic feel and snug fit with iPhone compatibility

The SayberX is lets Xhamster fans have lifelike pleasure with powerful orgasms. The snug fit is possibly better than the real thing, also controlled via iPhone. And the flesh like “sayberskin” is soft, giving you the closest feeling to, well, you know. It also twists and tugs on your pecker with high torque rotation and ultra-realistic stroking.

The Motion Tracker X Ring Gives Xhamster Girlfriends Control; no more cramping hands ladies

The motion tracking X Ring is a cross between a Power Ranger ring and X-Men ring. However, this innovative ring holds more power than any other ring on the planet. Xhamster girlfriends can wear the ring and control the stroke, because the faster they move, the faster the tug. You can even attach toys, your iPhone, or maybe even let Sparky play with it.

Remote Touch Intimacy via iPhone App; play with Xhamster fans around the world

The remote touch intimacy app for this male masturbator is a wonderful way for Xhamster fans to pair up for pleasure. Using you iPhone you can download the app and use the Bluetooth feature. Next search for a partner and request a play date. They will have a X Ring and begin the most advanced rub and tug of your life.

Accommodates the average man and is compatible with any lube

This iPhone male masturbator is not only innovative, but also accommodating. It will take on any one-eyed purple yogurt slingers up to seven inches long. However, like Disneyland, there are limits to ride. Xhamster fans need at least 2.5 inches to strap in. It is also lube friendly, and is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and pthalate-free.

Unlimited Power for marathon sessions and built to last even the most powerful pumpers

If you’re an Xhamster fan in the market for a male masturbator, this one is a great pick. It offers users unlimited power and it is designed for the daily wear and tear of your jackhammer. It was British designed and engineered in Germany. If it is anything like their cars, this is a powerful male masturbator for sure. Plus anything you can pair with your iPhone is awesome.