Aliens Cleared Hillary Clinton’s Memory; FBI Confirms…

Aliens Cleared Hillary Clinton’s Memory; FBI Confirms… Clapway

Hilary Clinton has had some health issues come into question, like alleged brain damage after a 2012 fall. Could her fall not be a fall at all? Could aliens be behind her strange behavior at times? The FBI may be looking into the past health history of Hillary Clinton and her emails. However, some believe her memory has been wiped clean by aliens. This would make sense, since she did promise to investigate Area 51 and look into the alien debate after her presidential one. However, the FBI is clearly concerned over her inability to answer questions about her supposed dirty mail.

Hilary Clinton failed to answer several FBI questions about her emails; Aliens may be responsible

YouTube channel RT highlights some very interesting problems with the memory of Hillary Clinton. The FBI has been investigating her emails, and when asking the potential first female leader questions, she went blank. Could this be a game she is playing to create a diversion from the truth? Or have aliens wiped her brain clean in order to keep her from exposing them?

Hillary Clinton promised to examine Area 51 documents Like Jimmy Carter did

Let’s face it, aliens don’t want us to know they really exist. Otherwise, they would just park various cities around the world and say hello. They surely speak English due to their advanced nature. Hillary Clinton did vow to voters that she would be looking into Area 51, and maybe alien leaders cleaned her brain so she would be convincing to the FBI when asked questions. She will never fold under pressure now.

What were some of the FBI questions Hillary Clinton could not answer after aliens wiped her brain clean?

The questions FBI officials were asking were indeed not challenging. They were certainly not playing trivial pursuit in the interrogation room. A few of the questions she was asked would definitely be recalled by sane, clearly thinking people. Normal folks who have not had their brains wiped clean by aliens. Clinton could not remember the day she received her security clearance. She could not remember the process for initiating a drone strike. Could U.S. secrets be in those emails, and do alien leaders have that information too?