Top 10 Mythbusters in Blogging for Newcomers

Top 10 Mythbusters in Blogging for Newcomers Clapway

Blogging has a certain veil of mystery around it due to the fact that it is a fairly new location and people still do not understand it thoroughly. It has been like that – people used to come up with different stories whenever something new would become popular. Therefore, some myths have been born about blogging which will be proven not true in this article.

1. Write consistently in order to gain followers

The usual thing that people ask themselves when starting a blog is – how to get followers? Most of the experienced bloggers will tell you that the key to having a huge number of followers is to write every day and have a steady number of blog posts per week.

However, this is not true because you can write as much as you want but as long as it is boring no one will actually follow nor read your blog. There is actually no real formula for gaining true and active followers. Some blogs became popular after a few posts; some never became popular although their authors write every day.

2. You can earn money easily while blogging

There are people who claim that you can get rich just by blogging about the things you like. They also claim that you do not really have to try as long as you have a big number of followers and Google’s support in terms of ads, you will earn a decent wage.

However, in order for Google Ads to be profitable, you really need to have a super-star blog, and even then we are not speaking of huge numbers. Simply, blogging can bring you money but it is neither easy money nor huge money. Blogging should never be about money in the first place, but about passion.

3. If a popular blog or an influencer shares my blog, I’ll receive a lot of attention

Some bloggers live in hope that someone popular and influential will notice then and that they will become popular afterward. They also think that if this happens they will earn a lot of money as well and will become influential bloggers themselves.

But things are never like that actually. Virality on the internet has a really short life-span and once you go viral you will be there for only a couple of days. Afterward, you will be forgotten just as every other popular video from ten years ago. Can you recall such a video? It seems rather difficult.

4. You should start a blog on a free website and not on a paid domain

Starting place of a blog is fundamental and many people believe that it is almost the same to have a blog on a free website and on a paid domain. When a blog is started, everything can be changed about it easily afterward except its domain, so it is fundamental to think where to start a blog.

Therefore, it is very important to consider starting a blog on a paid domain. This matters because blogging is not just about writing but about building awareness of you, your brand and your life. Once you post your first blog post, you need to think that a paid domain will help you in building faster all of the things mentioned earlier.

5. You should always pick the latest design for your blog

Choosing a design for a blog is certainly not an easy job and in order to get it right, you may even have to ask a designer to help you out. Most of the bloggers are not designers and do not have the taste when it comes to picking up a template for their blog – that’s why they go with the latest fashion.

This is just plain wrong because of design, just as a piece of text in your post matters and tells a story. Therefore, you need to choose a design that will fit perfectly in the way you write and to the things that you write about.

6. You need to be very good at writing to be a successful blogger

Let’s get one thing straight – blogging is not only about writing. If you are very creative and a real wordsmith, you should definitely consider writing a piece of fiction and publish it as a book. In order to be a good blogger, you definitely need good grammar but not good style.

In fact, you need to find your voice, however not in line with some literary standards. In fact, blogging is about conveying a message, sharing and getting heard. If you can manage to achieve those with your writing, your writing is good enough.

7. Blogging is not profitable

Earlier we mentioned that it is not really easy to earn a lot of money by blogging. This does not mean that your invested time and energy will go unnoticed. On the contrary, this means that blogging certainly is profitable but not as much as some people think.

One thing is certain – you should not consider it your primary profession but rather a hobby as long as you do not think it brings you a steady income. If at one point, your blog starts bringing more money than your actual job, you should definitely consider bringing some important life decisions.

8. Niche is a waste of time and will limit your creativity

There are people who firmly believe that once they pick the niche for their blog they will not have enough inspiration to write about it. Those people should not consider themselves bloggers but rather creative writers.

Blogging is about niches and reaching out to people who have similar interests as you and sharing your knowledge to them about it. Therefore, not all blogs should have niches, but you have to be a superstar writer to write about anything on your blog and reach out to people.

9. Investing in blogs is a waste of money

Investing in a blog is definitely not a waste of money due to the fact that it will contribute to your blog on several levels. First of all, it will make your blog look more appealing to the visitors. Secondly, your blog will be boosted and that will result in more people reading your blog. Thirdly, you will take blogging more seriously and try harder to write better blog posts.

10. Blogging will die

Blogging is a new thing going on for a couple of years and some people believe that it will just disappear and be forgotten as a failed experiment.

However, with new ways to communicate with people being invented, blogging will not die but it will just change its shape. For example, there are now video blogs (vlogs) and even blogs that talk in photographs with no written words at all. The fact remains that the written blog is still the most powerful tool, especially in the area of digital marketing.

To sum up, blogging is a fun and interesting job that requires a lot of patience, research, and creativity but it also requires knowing a thing or two about how it works because blogging will definitely become even more popular in the future, with new myths about it appearing everywhere.

Blogging will die Top 10 Mythbusters in Blogging for Newcomers Clapway