YouTube Shows Minecraft AI for PS4, Xbox One and PC

YouTube Shows Minecraft AI for PS4, Xbox One and PC Clapway

Cheetah hybrid dogs, giant spitting spiders, and AI Minecraft are all showcased on YouTube. Minecraft is pretty awesome, but how about AI Spiderman awesome? That’s right, YouTube channel SuperCow gets virtual with a video that reached more than two million views. This could be the future of the Microsoft game, and PS4, Xbox One, and PC fans are happy. YouTube has other pretty cool videos similar to this Spiderman inspired theme, but it is safe to say this one is the best.

YouTube Minecraft Video gives PS4, Xbox One, and PC fans a new gaming perspective

Any YouTube video with more than two million views is worth checking out. What happened to Pink Sheep? Anyways, this Minecraft video is giving PS4, Xbox One, and PC fans a new perspective. It is an AI Spiderman version that Microsoft may want to look into for the future of the multi-billion dollar game. The character in the video journeys through a map gets bit by a giant spider and becomes Spiderman.

Microsoft may find the trending Minecraft YouTube video useful in the boardroom; PS4, Xbox One, and PC fans agree

The company could join forces with Google and their VR headset Google Cardboard to bring this video to gaming consoles around the world. If the mock-up video of a virtual Minecraft character has pleasured over two million PS4, Xbox One, and PC fans, it is certainly worth looking into. Will gamers see a VR version with all their favorite comic book superheroes and villains?

The YouTube video also has a Minecraft western version too; PS4, Xbox One, and PC fans surely love the versatility

The AI Minecraft inspired YouTube video goes from Spiderman to western vigilante. PS4, Xbox One, and PC fans get to saddle up and hunt down villains with an ax and rope, but it does get a bit violent. This is another fun way gamers can get the most out of their marathon sessions. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine more of these AI type videos popping up online.