Mac Miller: Your Bro, Your Friend, Your Dude

Mac Miller: Your Bro, Your Friend, Your Dude Clapway

Are you short of bro’s, dude’s and friends? Fret no more comrade, Mac Miller is here to the rescue. The loveable, 21-year old rapper from Pittsburgh is just plain likeable. He’s like that goofy cousin at the family Christmas party who drinks all of Uncle Rick’s whisky and pukes on the honey-baked ham. At the end, no one gets mad because, well, it’s just Mac.


Mac Miller should not exist in reality. He’s the stuff of legends. After all, how can someone be so cool, friendly and fly all at once? Well, if we knew the answer to that question, perhaps we’d all be like Mac. We’re not, though, which makes this one individual that much cooler. He’s the perfect dose of weird, humble, and straight up legendary. He smokes, weed, eats yoghurt and is on a seemingly endless path of fun.


In the 90’s, everyone wanted to be like Mike, but 2016 is the age of Mac Miller. He’s your best friend who always throws the best parties and always gets the best girls. He’s funny, entertaining, and constantly positive. At the same time, Mac is just like us. He’s confused and lost in this crazy world and just making the best of it. He’s not immune to the negative pressures of society yet he finds a way to deal with them. He keeps it real in the face of danger and the world loves him for it. So what does this teach us about life?


On the outside, Mac might seem like a young, fun party boy but look at his philosophy. Behind this entertainer is a wise old sage. We only get one life on this Earth, so it’s best to live it up right. However, do it in a respectful way. Mac isn’t going around breaking the rules and being a jerk. He’s having fun and being kind. Hence, spreading the good vibes all around. In the frantic year of 2016, we could all take a page out of the mac book and just take it easy.