5 Useful Hacks for Concerts and Festivals

5 Useful Hacks for Concerts and Festivals Clapway

Who doesn’t love to party? It’s our instinct, our young essence and actually, events are never off. Here’s all you need to know about these kinds of events (tips, advice, hacks, examples, etc.) and what you must do or not to do at all to make your experience even better!

What’s the plan?

Plan your next experience: who wants to go with you? Make a group, you can share trip expenses and also get better deals and offers. Check related websites and general information, plan the trip, how far out the event is? Sometimes it’s better to stay at a near hotel and return home the next day. Time organization (departure, transportation, event start hour, etc.) is fundamental.

How to get there?

One of the biggest problems at concerts and festivals are the ones related to driving; traffic, parking, rides, expenses, etc. Don’t let this to ruin your experience and ask for a transportation service like Uber or Shared Shuttles/Vans. If you still with a driving plan, do not forget that you can also book a parking reservation in advance and avoid traffic or high parking rates at the event.

Just carry less

Most of the times, the biggest stress and problem is when you’re going to an event with a lot of stuff you’re carrying. Try to better use a money belt to protect your money, tickets, cards, documents, etc. This way you will be avoiding pickpockets and feeling free!

Check the event politics

Try to avoid those annoying moments when event guards take away your personal stuff (food, accessories, beverages, etc.) We totally understand that you need to be absolutely ready and prepared for that special event, but check rules first. Make all your outfit and accessories event appropriate and take with you any allowed food, snacks, or beverages. Remember to stay well hydrated and fed all the time.

Bring sunscreen and shower wipes

These articles are always really really necessary! and not just at festivals. You can find them even in “travel size” and have no problem.