NASA Revealed 2 UFO Objects Approaching Earth

NASA Revealed 2 UFO Objects Approaching Earth 114 People Called the Police to Report Aliens Clapway

NASA revealed two alien objects approaching Earth. The space agency wasn’t able to identify the nature of the two UFOs but, according to the space agency, there is no need to be afraid of them.

Why is the agency so confident? And why shouldn’t we be afraid?

NASA Being Precise

In the past, NASA never stated anything directly. In fact, the space agency was good at making cover-ups. Despite all that, it always provided people with some sort of “answers” to the questions regarding the outer space activities. Whether it’s about “moving objects” near the ISS captured by the live feed or spotted flying saucers in the sky, NASA always had answers (aka “good excuses”).

In this case, however, the organization decided not to bother with anything “creative”. NASA simply stated that it had detected “something” but it didn’t know what exactly that something was.

Could it be PlanetX / Nibiru?

A while ago we covered the news about PlanetX (also known as Nibiru) approaching Earth. At that moment (about a year ago), PlaneX was near aphelion. It is a possibility that the flying objects are coming from the mysterious planet or somehow associated with PlanetX.

Is the End of the World Near?

According to several sources, the End of The World might happen in 2017. According to NASA, the “asteroid” could cause the end of the world. In addition to NASA’s statements, there have been many well-reputed prophets who claimed the same thing (or something similar). 

Whether the end is near or not, no one knows for sure. What obvious is that the 2 UFO objects are approaching Earth at a crazy speed. And the space agency has no idea what those objects are. While the world is getting more and more tech advanced, the space agency is still “struggling” when it comes to identifying something that can hypothetically be a threat to Earth.