Robots Will Replace Humans; and it’s Great

Robots Will Replace Humans; and it’s Great Clapway

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my future. But when it happens, I tend to imagine myself living in a better place: more convenient and less stressful. Unlike the majority of my friends, I enjoy my existence in Anticipation of Better Days.

Robots and Artificial Intelligence

You are probably familiar with some of the modern forms of Artificial Intelligence. Facebook recognizes your emotions; Gmail Smart Reply does most of your secretarial work answering daily emails; Siri helps you find answers to your (sometimes not-so-smart) questions.

People Are Scared of New Tech and Robots

A vast number of folks are very sensitive about the potential of AI and its capabilities of killing jobs and being a danger to all humanity. Notorious businessmen like Bill Gates and Elon Musk partially support this idea, warning people about the true power of Expert Systems. I personally prefer to be more optimistic. The future of our planet can be predicted if you spend enough time looking back to the past.

Robots and Technology of the Past

In 1825, people didn’t want to travel by trains. Some folks believed that a human body is not ideal for moving at such high speed. Thus, it could get melted. First telephones were not greeted with enthusiasm. Churches in Sweden believed that the systems were Evil. I can continue this list by adding more examples. I’m just afraid that the number of inventions will be countless.

The Nature of Human Beings

It is the nature of human beings to be afraid of the new and unexplored. Though, if you think deep enough about your life and how it changed for the past 10 years, you will probably be more optimistic about the future… Yes, robots will replace people, and yes, folks will no longer spend their time at factories, post offices, and supermarkets doing physical work. However, people of the future will do more advanced and more qualified type of work… Ten years ago professions like App Developer, Market Research Data Miner, and Administration Consultant didn’t even exist. Now they do, and it’s just the beginning of the process of change.

‘Curiosity’ is something that differentiates humans from the rest of the critters. You are reading this post on your computer or smartphone. It’s because someone had irreparably changed our world exploring new things. Think about your morning coffee, your commute to work, and cozy nights at movie theaters. Technology made your life more comfortable in the past, and it will certainly make it more fun in the future. Thus, robots will prevail some day to make us feel great on Earth.