Top 8 Important Social Media Updates From January 2017

8 Important Social Media Updates From January 2017 Facebook Coming After Twitter, Google is Just Watching Clapway

January was a great month in that several social media updates were released, especially on Facebook. If you were not lucky enough to get the updates, in this article we are going to look at an overview:

Important Social Media Updates: Facebook

Facebook released a new mobile application to help simplify the process of managing ads on the go. Now users can easily monitor existing ads and create new ones. Apart from that, users can also edit ads, schedules, and budgets. The company stated that they don’t think it is a good idea to charge ads unless it is viewed by a real person.

Facebook also released a brand new advertising unit known as Product ads that let marketers to advertise several products at once, or even show a whole catalog of products, and also target them in several ways.

Based on information from social media analytics company Socialbakers, images once popularly known to draw the best engagement and reach for Facebook pages, are now drawing the least.

Now you can decide who will manage your profile on Facebook after you pass away by choosing them as your legacy contact. Immediately Facebook has been alerted that an individual has passed away, his or her Facebook account will be memorialized. A legacy contact will have the ability to take over your Facebook account with limited access, once your account has been memorized.

Facebook started ranking ads on a scale of one to ten in its ad reporting tools. Normally, the score is assigned based on the amount of negative and positive feedback Facebook speculates your ad will get.

Facebook has also released a new product simply titled “Work”. The new product will let businesses create self-contained social networks specifically for employees. Usually, the social network developed in work would mirror Facebook in user experience and design. Users can now feel free to join using their current Facebook account. Additionally, users can also create their own specific ID just for use in work.

Facebook declared its Q4 2014 earnings, and as such disclosing 1.39 billion users now utilize the social media network each single month, which marks 13% yearly growth. The number of mobile users who are actively increased even more at 26% year over year.

Facebook launched a new feature for its iPhone application. This new feature will help individuals learn more about attraction sites and places they are visiting. By taking a page from Foursquare and Yelp, Facebook’s place will display amazing facts about the place you are at.

Facebook has also acquired, a combinatory startup that was founded the last 18 months that have passed. The main reason why the company acquired it is to help the social network develop an API building voice-managed interfaces.

Facebook is releasing an update to its news feed algorithm specifically designed to decrease the appearance of hoaxes. Usually, this includes false or misleading news, scams and much more.

Facebook is planning to turn its Messenger service into a platform that is very similar to Snapchat in the sense that it will be turned to a messaging service which third parties can utilize to deliver information and communicate directly with their target audience.

Facebook announced a major improvement to its Messenger service that will let friends to safely and easily send money to one another. This feature is free and will be readily available to United States users in the coming few months.

Facebook is granting Page Owners access to topic information, which enables marketers to see what audiences are stating on Facebook about brands, events, activities and subjects.

Important Social Media Updates: Twitter

Among the Social Media 2017 updates, Twitter is partnering with Bing to offer users the ability to view tweets in several languages. With Bing’s translation engine, translated tweets will become a reality once more.

Twitter is releasing a brand new feature on every person’s home timeline where you will see an overview of tweets that are popular and you may have missed them from accounts you follow.

Among the social media 2017 updates, Twitter has released its first official WordPress plugin that integrates a number of features that were previously available via third-party applications, for instance, the ability to embed videos that were directly uploaded to Twitter, plus the ability to embed tweets.

An internal memo sent out to all employees in Twitter disclosed candid comments made by CEO Dick Costolo concerning the shortcoming of the company in dealing with cyberbullying and harassment. Twitter released a Quick promote, a brand new feature specifically designed with SMBs in mind, which enables you to easily and quickly promote a tweet.

Twitter exclusively introduced a brand new embedded video widget, which normally works just like Twitter’s embedded tweets and official tweet buttons.

As part of social media 2017 trends, Twitter also updates its regulations with brand new language that strictly prevents users from posting explicit images without the consent of the subject.

Important Social Media Updates: LinkedIn

LinkedIn redesigned its search engine to assist users to get what they are looking for quickly. The company has claimed that its new search engine, which is available now, can reduce more than a year of collective time that is usually spent by its members in searching.

LinkedIn released new ad products, such as one type of ad unit that can get LinkedIn users sites other than LinkedIn profiles. Among social media 2017 updates, LinkedIn introduced a new Network Display that allows users to purchase ads via LinkedIn to be shown on other websites around the web.

Important Social Media Updates: Instagram

Instagram will begin displaying clickable links, but specifically in its brand new multi-image carousel ads normally tell a story by allowing you to swipe through 4 branded photos in sequence.

Instagram launched a Layout, a standalone application that allows users to create image collages from photos on their mobile device camera roll.

Important Social Media Updates: Reddit

Two common features that Reddit Gold users normally enjoy will be readily available to all users now. Reddit users will now get an alert when their account is linked to by a different Reddit user, for instance when they are mentioned in a post or thread. We all know that Reddit is a very famous social media site where music lovers congregate naturally, making their communities and sharing their experiences of bands, music downloaders, and artists.

Important Social Media Updates: Snapchat

The brand new discover feature released by Snapchat provides users with a new way to explore and discover stories and content from several editorial teams. This brand new tool was a collaboration between several social media 2017 leaders to assist develop a format for storytelling that put “the narrative first.”

Snapchat will also be offering social media publishers the capability to distribute edited, short clips of news and data.

Important Social Media Updates: Google+

Helpouts, a less famous version of Google+ Hangouts was released in 2013 as a way for individuals to connect with other professionals to get advice or learn new things.

Important Social Media Updates: Pinterest

Among social media 2017 updates, Pinterest powers users with pins featuring links having affiliate information, pin trackers or redirects were removed automatically.

Pinterest is improving its own “Buy” button that could be released in a few months to come. The button, which is believed to start out as a test that is limited, would offer users the ability to purchase products discovered on Pinterest without necessarily leaving the network.

If you are a male user on Pinterest, it can be difficult to navigate through the search results at times, since 71% of United States visitors are women. The good thing is, the Pinterest search is getting better with improvements to Guided Search that will let you filter search results based on gender.

New information from Pew Research Internet Project indicates that even though Facebook is still the most famous social media website, Instagram is actually one of the fastest growing.