Top 7 Kickstarter Projects to Improve Your Health

Top 7 Kickstarter Projects to Improve Your Health

The quality of our lives directly depends on the quality of our health. Our bodies are capable of dealing with stress and illnesses when we stay strong. It’s obvious that we need to eat well, work out regularly, and receive enough sleep to stay healthy. Is it possible to make the process easier with the help of new tech? Kickstarter knows the answer.

Kickstarter is a perfect platform for innovators who are willing to test their creative ideas and concepts. The most funded projects so far have been those that offered new solutions and improvements for the fields of entertainment, science, and health. Let us review some prior projects that were popular on the crowdfunding platform several years ago.

Kickstarter Projects of the Past

  • Purple pillow became the first no pressure pillow.
  • Sense sleep tracker as well as iBand, Sleep Shepherd Blue, and OURA ring became the first systems to monitor a person’s sleep and the environment around him or her.
  • Octopus offered its training tool for good habits.
  • Smart Herb Garden by Click has merged Nature with Technology.

As proven by the aforementioned Kickstarter Projects, Health and Technology is a popular topic. People have become increasingly interested in the kind of inventions that can benefit them directly or indirectly. As a result, more crowdfunding projects veer towards the Health and Technology field. Below is the list of the top 7 Kickstarter Projects aimed at improving your health.

1. Kickstarter Project to Help you Sleep Better

The Sunrise Pillow by Mode | M raised over half a million dollars throughout its campaign on Kickstarter. That is over 1000% of the company’s initial goal of $50,000.

What is special about this project? Mode | M made its goal to design and develop the first stylish pillow capable of tracking your sleep and waking you up. While no new functions were offered here, the familiar sleeping technology comes in a brand new cover. The New shape and appealing cover are what The Sunrise Smart Pillow offers its backers.

Kickstarter Project to Help you Sleep Better
Sunrise Pillow

2. Kickstarter To Help You Improve Your Posture

This invention is super simple but smart. UPRIGHT GO by Upright Technologies raised over $1,000,000 of their initial $25,000 goal. That is quite impressive.

If you are one of those people who spend 8+ hours a day working on their computers (while slouching), Upright Go might be a great solution for you.

To use the device, a person should place the gadget on his or her back. Once the user slouches, the device begins sending impulses and vibrations to remind the user to change his or her posture. It is a great portable vibrator for your back (dirty jokes aside).

Kickstarter To Help You Improve Your Posture

3. Kickstarter To Help You Grow Fresh Food

Unlike the previous two projects, this project is not uber huge. However, it is significant enough to add value to your daily life.

T-series by Tregren offers a unique solution to help you grow healthy food without pesticides and insecticides at home. T-series is a smart growing technology that helps you effortlessly plant desired vegetable and greens. Whether you desire to grow cucumbers and tomatoes or your own lettuce and sorrel at home, T-series will help your dreams come true. And you don’t need much to maintain the process.

To grow your vegetables and greens at home, you will need to connect your smartphone to your T-series device. Once your device is connected, the application will begin sending you notifications regarding the next steps that you will need to complete. The smart technology will send notifications to your cell phone every time you need to change water or add nutrients to your mini garden. The creator claims that it will only take about 15 minutes a month to take proper care of your high-tech pot.

Kickstarter To Help You Grow Fresh Food

4. NanoNuke to Help You Detect Radiation

NanoNuke is one of the most recent projects. Despite its youth, the Kickstarter project seems to have a lot of promise. The new gadget is designed to detect radiation in the most convenient way possible.

Radiation is an invisible enemy that kills people quickly and maliciously. For those who don’t know, radiation damages cells in our human bodies. While low levels of radiation are not detrimental, medium and high levels can irreversibly damage our organs and can even kill us.

While most of us do not work at nuclear plants or other places that release ionizing radiation, we often get exposed to radiation through LCD monitors and other tech devices that generate UV radiation. Thus, it’s important to stay aware of radiation in our environment. NanoNuke is a small (perhaps the smallest), highly sensitive radiation detector that will help you stay aware of the radiation levels in your immediate zone.

NanoNuke to Help You Detect Radiation

5. Kickstarter to Help You Fight Insomnia

UP is another device with a goal of improving the quality of your sleep. Rather than the direct medical approach, this Smart Light has more of a psychological approach

This Kickstarter project helps a person fall asleep faster by imposing red spectrum light that generates melatonin (sleep hormone) in his or her body. This healing light can be manipulated directly and through the app.

UP works just like a regular lamp. The device has a multitude of modes tat one can set up for reading, working, and/or other activities. The light is easily adjustable and controllable. This new device also has surprising add-ons in the form of a Bluetooth speaker, as well as a 6000mah rechargeable battery that is engraved in the Smart Light.

Kickstarter to Help You Fight Insomnia
UP – Smart Light

6. Shower Simulator Remedy

This project, the shower simulator, sounds more like a joke. However, I felt like I should include it on the list of new tech anyway. This Kickstarter project has been designed to help people improve their health. It seems to be also quite popular, based on the campaign’s goals and the actual funds raised.

The creator of the shower simulator, Anthony Martino, wants to make the world a better place by creating a device that is capable of simulating the effects of a shower. According to the creator of this device, the new tech will help people obtain the relief that they normally experience while taking a shower.

If this idea sounds odd to you, worry not; you are not the only one. For me, the sound will make me want to pee sooner than reach the stage of enjoyment and relief.

Shower Simulator Remedy7. Microbiome, Nutrition, and Health Education

MycroFriends is a Kickstarter project that is designed to educate people on Microbiome, Nutrition, and Health. With a $15,000 goal, MycroFriends promises its backers to make them much healthier through education and coaching. Depending on your pledge, you will receive something ranging from gratitude to a real session with one of the trained nutritionists and microbiome health coaches from MycoFriends.

According to modern day scientists, researchers, and analysts, in about 1000 years humans will likely merge with machines that will help with enhanced hearing, eyesight, and more. If you think about the above Kickstarter projects, these predictions don’t sound that shocking. Technology gets more and more promising, and with unique Kickstarter projects, we are moving one step closer to achieving our dreams.

Microbiome, Nutrition, and Health Education

What project did you like the most on the above list of Kickstarter Projects to Improve Health? Have you ever backed a project on Kickstarter? Which one? What was your experience with the famous crowdfunding platform?