Space Travel: Here is How You can Go to Space

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The human has always dreamed of the stars. They have watched us as we slept, and our only desire is to move closer to them, see what they see. In the modern age, one of the most prolific images to be enjoyed by all mankind is the image of Earth. Until we had ventured into space, we never truly knew what it looked like. Now you have the opportunity to set on an adventure into space, and see the Earth in its entirety for yourself. In 2015, a raffle winner will venture forth, and an event of astronomical proportions will be afoot.

The Urgency Network

The Urgency Network has offered unique rewards to those who donate (through them) to just causes, but they’ve really outshone themselves with this one. They’re going to send someone into space on the Lynx Mark II shuttle. This is part of the Lynx Academy, a program dedicated to making astronauts out of ordinary people.

The lowest donation allowed is $10, so feasibly for $10, you could “fly to the Moon”. Even Jet Blue can’t compete with that airfare. You could also just buy a ticket, but that’ll cost you $100,000.

Sending People

If this concept of sending ordinary people to space is successful, it is a huge step in human progress. Now, it is used as some method of extreme tourism, a chance to see the stars and pearl marbled blueberry we call home, but soon it could be… Who knows what? We could start living in space stations orbiting Earth. We could terraform the moon and Mars. The number of scientists and their unique science experiments would grow exponentially. Space travel will become commercialized with many different companies competing for your business. Mark my words, there will be hotels in space in the next quarter century.

This opportunity is the first crack in opening the floodgates. As soon as it becomes more viable for people to travel into space, the more people who will, and the more people there are out there, the faster civilization grows in the final frontier. And you can be at the precipice of it all, a part of history, a name from the event when man started regarding space travel as no different than flying.