Why Is Uber Fighting So Hard Against Workers Rights?

Why Is Uber Fighting So Hard Against Workers Rights?

To itsĀ users, Uber is just an extremely convenient and affordable way to hitch a ride around town. However, for those on the inside, working for the company is anything but an enjoyable experience. The U.K. attempted to change that last October when it ruled the ride-sharing app’s drivers should be paid as workers and not self-employed contractors. Now, the situation is getting even more aggressive.


If the decision makes Uber drivers employees and not just contractors, then the company needs the pay them the UK national minimum wage. Furthermore, they need to provide work breaks and holiday pay. It also opens up the company to a wealth of other legal issues.

Hence, they are appealing the ruling and taking it back to court in an aggressive fight. The ride-sharing app is famous for their current business model and they don’t want to lose it.


When the UK first brought this appeal up, Uber took the innocent route. The company simply stated it was a technology app that connects riders to drivers. Nothing more and nothing less. However now, the company took an interesting turn.

It seems they want to be a part of the economy now. Dare we say, it wants to legitimize its approach and become a more traditional taxi service. Yet, there is still a problem. The company does not want to treat its drivers like traditional taxi drivers. So do they have a chance of winning this appeal?


Though it’s possible, it’s unlikely they will win this appeal. The UK government recently revamped what they call “modern working practices.” All in all, it aims to impose more responsibility on the shoulders of the employee.

However, only time will tell if the ride-sharing app gets their way. Whatever the outcome is, it doesn’t make them look very good. After all, they are fighting aggressively against workers rights. That can’t be very good for public image.