Bermuda Cows Kill People: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

Bermuda Cows Kill People: 3 Things You Didn't Know

The biggest dairy farm in Bermuda has gotten into trouble. It’s because of their “stink” that the neighbors claim to be unbearable. The neighbors also say that there’s an epidemic of flies that ruin their evenings outdoors.

The neighbors of Green Land Dairy Farm tell the Department of Health in Bermuda that after the farm got an approval for a cow shed and manure pit, the stink has gotten worse. They claim that it has gotten worse since the last owners of the farm

Bermuda cows are now happier

Valter and Lidia Medeiros are the farmers and owners of the cows. They say, however, that the pit is not the problem. They say that since they took over the farm in 2014, they’ve had 40 cows less than the previous owners and that their cows live happier and healthier lives. The Bermuda cows have fans, water mattresses, shade and they even get massages. The couple says no cow has died due to heat.

Even though the neighbors of the Bermuda farm have complained about the smell and thousands of flies, the farm says they have built and maintained the site according to regulations. Valter and Lidia say they don’t want to be bad neighbors, and that they’re doing what they can to keep the stink to the minimum.

The smell can be affected by wind

The farm owners say that the smell can be affected by the direction of the wind, and it doesn’t come from the manure pits but rather from spreading of manure into the soil. They spread the manure roughly every three months, which is approved by the law in Bermuda.

The farm produces 80% or Bermuda’s milk

This farm is 13 acres large, and the site has altogether 120 cows. This is 40 cows less than the previous owners had. With these 120 cows, the farm produces approximately 80% of all the milk being sold in Bermuda.

Bermuda Cows Kill People: 3 Things You Didn't Know