Noble Ant ICO Review – The Biggest ICO 2018 – 2019

Noble Ant ICO Review - The Biggest ICO 2018 - 2019

Noble Ant ICO is a promising ICO for 2018-2019. Below is our review of Noble Ant, an accelerator for blockchain-based startups. Noble Ant is launching their pre-sale from August 5, 2018 to August 17, 2018. Its main crowdsale will begin on September 18, 2018 and last for 360 days until September 12, 2019.

Noble Ant ICO Review: Site – 5 stars

The site looks great and informative. The pre-sale tokens, as well as total tokens being issued, are clearly listed. There is a button on the right to pre-enroll for the pre-sale from August 5, 2018 to August 17, 2018. There is another button on the left to view the whitepaper. The front page displays a video explaining the concept of Noble Ant. An FAQ button is included on the top of the site.

Noble Ant ICO Review: Team – 4.5 stars

The team has strong experience and background in blockchain/crypto, business development, marketing, operations, and legal fields. One suggestion is that the site can post more advisors if possible.

Noble Ant ICO Review: WP + Idea – 5 stars

The whitepaper is clear and the idea of blockchain accelerator + virtual demo day sounds like it could be profitable. The idea seems to display a lot of long-term potential, especially since the whitepaper lists sources referencing growing interest in the blockchain industry. It certainly overthrows the traditional accelerator model with Demo Day available only to a select group of investors. Additionally, the bonus and referral programs during the pre-sale are likely to generate interest among incentive hunters.

Noble Ant ICO Review: Media – 4.5 stars

It looks like the team is building its Telegram community and reaching out to the media. However, the outreach seems to be in the earlier stages. The pre-sale referral program, which allows a contributor to increase his/her investment by 50% by using someone’s referral link, looks like it might be a successful incentive to boost interest for the project. Per the program, the person who referred the link will obtain the same contribution reward in NANT as his/her friend gets. This seems to be a promising referral program.

Noble Ant ICO Review: Technology – 5 stars

The technology consists of blockchain smart contracts for pre-sale and ICO main crowdsale rounds (360), with Noble Ant distributing a fixed number of NANT during pre-sale and each round. The distribution is for the purpose of allowing NANT holders to exercise the token for virtual Demo Day seating to view startups after they go through Noble Ant’s acceleration program. Price of each token will be calculated after calculating contributions, including any incentives such as referrals and bonuses, divided by total number of NANT issued during the pre-sale/each round. Because the ICO period will have 360 rounds and will last almost one year, it looks like the ICO period will be lengthy but has the potential to generate further interest over this time period.