3 Reasons Why Bitcoin SV is Better than BCH

Depending on who you ask, the great “block size debate” of 2018 is either over, or just beginning. In one corner, we have Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter Roger Ver. In the other, esteemed academic and Bitcoin SV (BSV) advocate Dr. Craig Wright. At this point, BSV may be worth less than it’s nemesis but some of the top minds are already claiming this to be the future of crypto. Here’s why.


If you had to choose sides, would you follow the former, explosive selling criminal with ties to the Silk Road or would you follow the guy with two masters degrees and a Ph.D.? Sure, education isn’t everything but in this case, it does make quite a difference. Roger Ver is the voice of Bitcoin Cash and while he is certainly an expert in his respective field, his track record is littered with questionable behavior and mysterious connections.

Dr. Craig Wright, on the other hand, is the largest supporter of Satoshi Nakamoto’s pure and original vision. Some say Wright may even be Nakamoto himself. That aside, Wright is adamant in declaing Bitcoin SV to be the one true Bitcoin and all other iterations are merely false replicas that need to be abolished. If Wright can get enough support for this vision, then you’ll see BSV prices skyrocket.


As just mentioned, Dr. Wright is a fundamentalist who believes in the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. Nowhere in the 2009 whitepaper did it say that Bitcoin was going to facilitate smart contracts, yet that’s exactly what BitcoinABC announced in August 2018 in order to make Bitcoin Cash competitive with Ethereum. This is where Wright drew the line and worked on creating BSV. A cryptocurrency close to the original plan that would boost the block size to 128 megabytes and leave out smart contracts altogether. If you support Bitcoin in its pure form, then BSV is for you.


BSV may not have the large following of Bitcoin Cash yet but the main difference is that its followers are extremely loyal to the cause. While it may seem rebellious at first glance, the true nature of Satoshi’s vision is widespread, mainstream adoption. The exact people that should be using Bitcoin are the ones who are afraid to touch it (big banks and financial institutions). Once these groups start to utilize Bitcoin as originally intended, then we will start to see the serious change outlined in Nakamoto’s whitepaper.

As the often childish war between Ver and Dr. Wright wages on, BSV’s loyal following is slowly starting to grow. You can see this evidenced in platforms like YouHodler who recently added BSV support to their crypto-backed lending platform. The market is not yet ready for a BSV bull run but you can see the signs clearly. It’s coming and the “HODLers’ are ready. Are you?