Investment Secrets: EOS Will Jumpstart Next Bull Run

Investment Secrets: EOS Will Jumpstart Next Bull Run

While most of the market had a dismal December 2018, EOS was one of the highest performers that month, racing past Tether and Stellar to sit comfortably in fourth place by market cap. While it’s managed to slip down to number five as of now, this promising crypto has shown it has potential. Some are saying the very key of the next bull run remains here. But why?


Let’s go back in time a little bit here to the month of April 2018. Back then, we saw a large spike in the value of EOS that took this token to an all-time high of $21.00. That’s not the interesting part though. This EOS bull run sparked a market-wide momentum boost. Normally, Bitcoin is known as the market leader. When Bitcoin spikes, so do the other markets. However, during April 2018, it was EOS that shot up first before Bitcoin, with the rest of the market following. This brings up the question of who the true crypto leader really is?


With EOS currently sitting at just $2.83, it’s a far cry from its all-time high. Yet, optimism remains strong with this crypto. Will we see it return to greatness? Unfortunately, the problems of the crypto market are far greater than that of EOS. If for some reason, EOS has a bull run of its own, it likely will trigger some positive movement for the market. However, we probably won’t see a $20.00 coin or $10,000 BTC any time soon. Al that being said, EOS has proven to be a good investment in 2018 and will likely continue that trend in the new year.


What’s the reason for this ESO spike? The reason seems to be related to the number of EOS tokens. Projects built on the EOSIO software make up around 13% of the entire market cap. In turn, this creates more EOS based tokens with value and thus, we are seeing the overall price rise. But as stated earlier, the next huge bull run needs some time to formulate.

Until then, you should prepare. If you like what you’re seeing from EOS, then start collecting now. No capital to start your investment process? It’s fine. Budding platforms like YouHodler allow you to put your crypto up as collateral in exchange for a cash loan. You can then use those funds to set up your portfolio perfectly before the next bull run. They also have a wealth of unique features you’d want to check out so give them a visit and request if you’re interested in crypto investing.