Why Everyone is Talking about YouHodler; How People Make Money on the Platform

Why Everyone is Talking about YouHodler; How People Make Money on the Platform

Seeing as there is no immediate end in sight to this bear market, the talk of the industry is to keep calm and hodl. As more people get accustomed to the vibrant swings of the crypto market, hodling is becoming an increasingly attractive method. Along with that, platforms like YouHodler are quickly rising in popularity. For those that don’t know about it, here’s a little introduction of crypto-backed lending platforms and how they can help you earn money.


With the market neither in a crash or massive up spike, many crypto enthusiasts are wondering what to do with their portfolio. Selling won’t amount to much (if anything) so buying or holding are the only good options left. The problem with buying is you can’t do it without capital and holding won’t help you pay the bills either. That’s where YouHodler comes in.

This crypto backed lending platform gives users a near instant loan while using their crypto as collateral. Once the loan is paid back, users get their crypto back. This allows crypto holders to get the cash they need for investing, expenses, etc while still keeping their valuable crypto stash.


There are a few reasons “hodlers” love YouHodler compared to competing crypto backed lending platforms:

  • Highest loan to value (LTV) ratio on the market (80%)
  • Lightning fast KYC. Approval takes minutes
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Referral program that offers 5% intersts off loans taken from referrals (many lending platforms don’t offer a referral program at all)
  • BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, BSV and a growing list of cryptocurrencies to choose from as collateral
  • The commission is completely transparent
  • No hidden fees
  • Users can withdraw small amounts (e.g. $100)
  • Payouts and pay-ins complete with multiple options (bank wire, credit card, and Tether (USDT)
  • Process loans up to $10,000 (with custom loan amounts available upon request).

All these features are put in place to benefit the “hodlers” of the crypto space. Since the market is not experiencing a bull run in the near future, you can use this platform for your benefit and here’s how.


How is your crypto portfolio looking these days? Is it safe from a market crash? If not, it’s time to hedge your portfolio and protect those valuable investments. There are a lot of worthless cryptos out there that have no future in this market. It’s time to get rid of those and replace them with some sustainable assets. To do so, simply put up your crypto as collateral, and reinvest that cash loan into something more sustainable. That way, you’re setting yourself up nicely for the inevitable bull run while simultaneously protecting yourself against a market crash. Don’t just sit around and hold your crypto stash. Put it to work for you but requesting a crypto backed cash loan today.