4 Ways You Can Learn to Code

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Learning to code is a modern way of saying that you are going to gain marketable job skills. That is how useful it can be to learn a computer programming language. If you are willing to take the time and effort to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, or any of a dozen other entryways into the world of coding, your job prospects will instantly brighten. But, what is the secret? Should you try to teach yourself, get a degree in an IT subject, sit for several days to learn online courses, or hire a tutor to show you the mysterious ways of talking the tech lingo that can boost your income? Here is a quick summary of four ways you can learn to code.

Teach Yourself

Many mid-career adults choose to teach themselves how to code. They use thick textbooks and sit for hours, alone, in front of computer screens working through exercises that turn beginners into advanced coders. This method requires plenty of self-discipline, confidence, and perseverance. However, its advantage is that it costs very little compared to other approaches.

Get a Degree

If you choose to go the degree route, you have a couple of built-in advantages on your side. First, you can finance your education with a low-interest student loan, apply online, and get the benefit of reasonable monthly payments. It is important to consider applying because once you are free of financial worries, you will be able to focus on coursework and earn top grades without overextending your mind and body. Second, an IT degree will include a curriculum that teaches you all the coding that you need to know to be job-ready on the day that you graduate.

Take a Free Online Class

If you can find community college courses in the subject area, try to start with some of the entry-level languages like HTML and CSS. After that, consider moving on to Python, SQL, PHP, and JavaScript. If you are looking to advance your skills, look into taking courses that cover Java, Kotlin, Swift, C, Unity, and C#. One cautionary note about online learning is to be sure to opt for schools that have been around and have lots of successful former students. If you check several review sites, it is possible to get a good feel for which online academies do the best job in preparing for the future. Also, make it a point to compare prices. The field is highly competitive, which means there is not a very big spread between tuition fees from school to school. If you notice an unusually high price for a particular course, that might be a red flag warning you to look elsewhere.

Hire a Tutor

You can use the course listing above as a general progression of which courses to have your tutor guide you through. However, if your time and money are limited, you can gain a balanced education in coding by sampling some of the most functional, practical, versatile choices. If that sounds like a good idea to you, ask your tutor to teach you JavaScript, Python, and C#. These three will offer you a nice mix and go a long way, all by themselves, to adding impressive credentials to your tech resume.