5 Types of Packaging That Are Best for Cannabis Edibles

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The market for legal cannabis edibles is expanding, as are the edible packaging options available for retail and medicinal products. When making edibles, it’s critical to utilize packaging that regulates humidity because sweating can lead to condensation and mold. Cannabis edibles manufacturers must also guarantee that their packaging is tamper-evident, child-resistant, and compliant with the relevant laws. We’ve included five of the best packaging solutions for your cannabis edibles below.

Odor-Proof Zip Lock Bags

Ziplock bags are transparent or covered in labels and may appear to be common to store snacks or candies, but they can also be used to package cannabis edibles. People are reassured by packaging that looks similar to what they’ve seen before with a new or unknown product. So as long as your branding is up to par, a clear or labeled bag can be a creative approach to display and preserve your cannabis edibles while also preventing air contamination.

Metal Tin Containers

Metal tin containers for packaging your cannabis edibles will ensure a luxurious look and allows your customers to see what they are purchasing. Edibles can be kept fresher for longer by putting them in a tin container. You will, however, need to utilize child-proof airtight seal lids. These instructions must be included on your label since containers must be stored in a cool, dark place.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are a packaging classic for a reason. They can create a wide range of positive emotions in consumers. Glass jars make people think of medicine and candy. They radiate an old-fashioned elegance that will complement your cannabis treats. With glass jar packaging for your edibles, you also don’t have to worry about freshness or chemical exposure. It’s also environmentally friendly, and your consumers will be able to see their edibles, and storage will be a breeze.

Pop-Top Containers

Squeeze the sides of these innovative yet simplistic plastic containers, and the top pops open for convenient access but remains closed otherwise. While they’re most commonly associated with pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes, their long, narrow design makes them ideal for stick candies, gummies, hard candies, and other types of compact, dry cannabis delicacies. It is also child-friendly, which is critical.

Reusable Vials

Cosmetics or cannabis concentrates like wax or oils are commonly stored in these little transparent plastic or glass vials. They can, however, make little treats look upmarket and appealing. Small hard candies loaded with THC or cannabis fit perfectly in clear polystyrene or glass vials. They are reusable and airtight.

You must ensure that your branding is on point regardless of how your cannabis edibles are packaged. Whatever type of edible packaging you use, this is another method to make your items stand out. Consider your labels, the materials you want to utilize, and the colors you want to represent your brand. Many packaging firms will print labels to fit your packaging or print your text and logos right on your edible packaging. Also, make sure you follow all of the rules and regulations established by state laws.