Inside China’s New Stylish Aircraft

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Along with Japan’s first passenger jet in decades comes Taiwan’s China Airlines recent revealing of its modern Boeing 777-300ER00 passenger aircraft. The airlines’ press release boasts the plane’s tasteful design as “a reinterpretation of classic aesthetics through Taiwanese lens.”

The 358-seat aircraft features 40 seats in Premium Business Class, 62 seats in Premium Economy, and 256 seats in Economy Class, while luxe wood grain design and mood lighting shape it to resemble a sophisticated lounge rather than plane.

“The airline’s new 777-300ER represents the beginning of a new era for China Airlines and the people of Taiwan,” said Ray Conner, president, and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

In Premium Business Class, passengers are offered full-flat 78-inch spacious seats that are optimal for sleeping through red-eye flights. Adding on to the decadence is the section’s Sky Lounge, which breaks into two sections: the Eastern “Literary Tea-tasting Area,” where you can sip on six selected teas from Taiwan, and the Western “Fashionable Coffee Area,” which provides aromatic coffee in capsules, along with locally grown tastes.

“The industry’s first high-ceiling Sky Lounge in Premium Business Class thoughtfully integrates Eastern and Western culture,” the press release reads. “It serves as a relaxing space for passengers and a platform for showcasing Taiwanese culture.”

Nestled in the middle of both drinking stations is another: a handsome bar that provides cocktails, as well as tapas and cup noodles. A bookshelf-like space on the two sides of Sky Lounge frames the area, providing passengers with a selection of Chinese and English books.

Guests in Premium Economy are to enjoy a spacious 39 inches of legroom—with added comfort-technology. The seats feature a fixed-back shell design where passengers “recline” by sliding the bottom forward, allowing all to lean back without invading the space of the passenger behind.

Last, but certainly not least, is Economy Class. Passengers in Economy can get just as cozy as the aforementioned with the “Family Couch” seats, which allow groups and families to raise the footrests of the three seats to convert them into a single sofa bed.

The 777-300ER is already flying routes in Taiwan. China Airlines’ will be getting two more of the model this year for flights from Taoyuan-to-Los Angeles starting in December, and Taoyuan-to-New York and Taoyuan-to-San Francisco starting in 2015.