Adventurers Scale World’s Tallest Buildings To Snap Incredible Selfies

Alexander Remnev scales skyscrapers in his free time. The Russian photographer travels the globe in search of some of the world’s tallest buildings. Structures that are considered homes or offices for most individuals, quickly become playgrounds for the young adventurer; he often climbs to heights of over 300m just to take a series of “selfies.”

Adventurers Scale World's Tallest Buildings To Snap Incredible Selfies  - Clapway

His extreme adventures have resulted in a collection of incredible photos that are as stunning as they are vertigo inducing. The daredevil is part of a rising group of people, known as “skywalkers.” Hailing primarily from the Ukraine and Russia, these individuals relish in defying the laws of gravity in search of thrills, breathtaking views and a good photo or two.

Most of the time, this involves breaking a few rules or two. The climbers, who are mostly young students, rarely use safety gear or harnesses, and usually find innovative, yet highly illegal ways to access the buildings. Luckily for Remnev, he’s found a cunning way to keep himself out of trouble: he merely shows the authorities his work.

“Once we explained our mission to theme an then showed them our cameras; they simply smiled and let us free,” said Remnov.

Adventurers Scale World's Tallest Buildings To Snap Incredible Selfies  - ClapwayPhoto Courtesy

With no specific destination in mind, Remnov set off with his three friends from Moscow with one goal; he is determined to depict cities in ways that’s they’ve never been seen before.

Thus far, his journeys have taken him around the world – from the top of the Princess Tower (Dubai’s tallest resident building) to the bustling urban neighborhoods of Hong Kong. His biggest and tallest mission, however, is 74 floor, 300 meter high building in Moscow.

Of the experience, Remnov states:

‘I love to watch from above as the sun sets. I also like to sit on the roof with my friends and talk about topical issues or discuss the news. As a rule, we choose buildings in Moscow but when we’ve got spare time we will travel to other cities.’

For those who are interested in participating in the extreme sport, he offers just one piece of advice, “The main thing is not to be afraid of heights and be sober.”

Adventurers Scale World's Tallest Buildings To Snap Incredible Selfies  - Clapway