This County Park Transforms Into An Amazing Underwater Sanctuary In The Spring

Grüner See “Green Lake”, located in Styria, Austria, is known for its scenic views and emerald-green water that trickles down from the surrounding snow-capped mountains. During the winter, before the ice melts, the lake is only 1-2 meters deep, and the surrounding area is used as a county park. However, by spring, the basin of land below the mountain fills with water – transforming the lake into an underwater sanctuary nearly 12 meters deep.

The Grüner See is an example of pollution-free waters. It is an immensely popular tourist and local destination for hikers, campers, and adventurers looking to enjoy nature. Because the melted snow still allows light to filter through, the trees of the park have adapted to being underwater for months at a time. It also supports a variety of fauna – including snails, water fleas, trout and small crabs.

Recently, Gerald Kapfer and Harald Hois – two of Austria’s leading underwater photographers – captured the expansive underwater landscape in a series of photographs. The images can now be seen at the Biology Centre in the southern city of Linz, where they are currently being displayed as part of a new Under Water World exhibition that highlights the country’s beautiful aquatic spots. It specifically focuses on Austria’s investment in conservation – in order to ensure that its rivers, streams and lake remain crystal clear.

A quick trip through the exhibition will reveal images of Zebra mussels, underwater trees and several schools of minnow fish. Of the project, exhibition curator, Stephan Weigl has stated, ‘Many people are surprised that images like these have been captured in Austria rather than in somewhere more exotic like the Maldives but we really do have a beautiful aquatic landscape that is perhaps sometimes overlooked against the backdrop of the country’s other natural wonders.’

For those interested in taking a trip to Styria, the best time to dive in the Grüner See is during May and June, when the water level is at its highest. The surrounding benches, bridges and pathways will all be submerged by then, offering a unique underwater adventure Maldives tourists would even be envious of.

This County Park Transforms Into An Amazing Underwater Sanctuary In The Spring  - Clapway